Monday, April 29, 2013

"Healthy" Chicken Enchiladas

So my workouts have been really bad lately due to increased hours at the Gap. I hate that. I need to start getting up earlier during the work week  to run in the morning when I have a shift at Gap at night.  I can't let this slide...

I have been half thinking about transferring to Athletica (A Gap Inc. company)  They do Yoga Classes there, ect. They are just one small box store instead of Gap which is 3 large box stores. I feel like there pace may be a little more me.  We will see though. I kind of had my breaking point this weekend when all I wanted to do is be outside and I was stuck in the mall 8 hours. That can't go on. 

Anyway... Also my Healthy food intake the past week as slacked as well. BUT this week I want to make a change so I started off the week with good tasting meal with that is semi healthy. Sundays are normally my "spend a lot of time cooking meal days". 

So I made these "Healthy" Chicken Enchiladas.  They have a lot of sodium in them (about 50% of what I should eat each day) but if you watch your sodium intake for the rest of the day, then these are a healthier version. I also didn't make my own Enchilada sauce so that's where a lot of the Sodium came from. I got mine from Trader Joes

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tonight's Run

Tonight Jon and I went for a run tonight outside... near the Charles River. I love running its so relaxing.  

We did pretty good. Running a lot more then walking, which is good! I think we ran the whole last mile.  

Mile 1:  13:06 min/mi (best pace 7.25 min/mi)
Mile 2: 12.11 min/mi (best pace 8.16 miles)
Mile 3: 11.14 min/mi (best pace 6:17 miles)