Monday, November 25, 2013


Weekend workouts? This weekend I participated in my body sculpting class on Saturday and then on Sunday I did nothing. I wanted to go for my long run but it was a whopping 20 degrees out but felt like "0".... it is an excuse but I am okay with that because the Patriots won.

The question of the day was who I was rooting for...(pictured was my game day attire)  I am pretty much in love with Welker. I wanted a close game, Welker to shove it to Bills face, and then for the Patriots to win. Welker did the opposite of that but the Patriots won...Ill take the W.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly Recap

Friday! My favorite day of the week. :)

My week in a recap Ill start from Saturday

Saturday November 16th 

Workout: Body Sculpting Class then 5K. I was in serious debate to go or not to go to my Body Sculpting class before my 5K. I wanted to try to do my best during the 5k so I didn't want to feel tired in any way. BUT in the end I decided to go... more so because I like how my body feels after the class and wanted to get two strength days in for the week. I stopped going for awhile because of some races and work stuff and I just could feel the difference. I find weight training so important So I went. :)

Sunday November 17th 

Workout: 4 mile run! 

Monday: November 18th 

Workout: Rest- I been slacking big time on going to yoga.
Food: Sheppard Pie ... it was ehhh... I should have followed a recipe

Tuesday: November 19th 
Workout: 3.1 mile run on the treadmill. 
Food: Pesto and Pasta and Roasted Brussels Sprouts (which I tried for the first time and was a fan! boyfriend... not so much ;))

Wednesday: November 20th 

Workout: Interval Treadmill workout
Food: Broccoli Cheese Quinoa Casserole

So one of the reasons I hadn't been cooking was our oven was not working. It wasn't really our oven but the plug for our oven. BUT all is good now... we are back in action. During these couple of weeks when we were waiting for it to be fixed Fit Foodie Finds posted this amazing recipe for Broccoli Cheese Quinoa Casserole... yummmmm I knew as soon as my oven was working again... I had to make this! If I was hosting thanksgiving I would for sure use this as one of the sides!

Thursday: November 21st 

Workout: Body Sculpting Class
Food: Baked Chicken Tenders, Sweet Potatoes and Green Been Casserole.

All week...

For breakfast I have been having an English Muffin, Almond Butter and a 1/2 of a Banana. BUT I wanted to change it up a bit...
1 packet of Trader Joe's Instant Flaxseed Oatmeal, two Tablespoons of Almond Butter and 1 full Banana. NOW that is an amazing breakfast! 

Fridays are rest/treat day! I am going to do treat Friday next week of what my treats include! :)

Now its time for the weekenddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

On the Treadmill

So just because its 28 degrees out does not mean I want to stop working out.. unfortunately this means Gym.  As I said I have learned to hate the treadmill... It actually hurts my knee's more. I could go running outside for miles, miles and miles and I feel great the next day. I run 3 miles on the treadmill...BAMM! Runners Knee.

Well... It is what it is I guess. So I am trying to make the most of it. In the winter seasons I am going to start doing interval workouts on the treadmill. When I first started running I hated these because I felt like I wasn't getting a full workout in (which was wrong) and I want to just go for as long as I could as hard as I could. But know that I have more endurance built up and I can complete a race without stopping I am all for this interval workouts and I can now see how they are a good thing! \

My first treadmill workout this week was Tuesday. I completed at 3.51 miles (with cool down). 

On Wednesday I did an interval workout. I got this over at Carrots N Cake and it was a really good work out! I printed it out because when I am working out I find it really hard to keep track of what I am doing...

The result....?

4.0 Miles in 37:40. Oh Yea! Getting 4 miles down on a Wednesday before 8:00 feels amazing... I walk into work and have already accomplished something for the day. I feel like working out defiantly feel working out in the morning makes you feel so much better for the rest of the day. Although... at night by 9 I am doneeeeeeeee. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Good-Bye Fall Views

Okay here's to keeping track of everything better!

I have been really bad at going for long runs on Sundays, so last Sunday I was committed to getting one done. It went so-so but at least its a start in the right direction again!

Its starting to look so sad outside! Good bye pretty views... good bye...

All the leaves are now on the ground. 

I ended up getting 4.01 miles in! I don't have my watch with me right now so I am not sure the splits...but it felt good to change up my run from just running a 5k.  I need to keep up with my distance running because I want to run a half marathon in the spring! I get nervous just thinking about it but if I train right, and keep at it, I definitely think its do able!! There are so many races I already know I want to run when next year :) I need to sit down and write out my goals and schedule of training. 

I started really working out in February and I have come a long way! Its funny when I started running I loved the treadmill and dreaded running out side... and now its the complete opposite. BUT its pretty hard to get your but out the door when its dark and cold.... and I need to purchase some cold weather and reflective gear if I  am  going to do that! 

BUT this morning I got a really good treadmill workout in. I am a little excited get off my normal routine and start trying new things which I will talk more about on another time. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Race Around Waltham: Piggy's 5K Event

I have only been updating when I have been running races- blah! I need to start writing on here more.  I want to start documenting all my workouts and good recipe ideas again! 

So first the probably last race recap until spring....Spring need to arrive quickly. I want to do another race on Thanksgiving weekend because that just sounds fun to me but I will be in NY with the boyfriend, and unfortunately there are none around him. BUT hopefully I will be able to take some nice runs outside on some new courses. 

Anyway- the last race I ran was part of the Race Around Waltham Series and it was the final of the series to benefit the Paul Logue Charitable Fun to raise money to give back to the members of the community in need. I am definitely doing it next year. I did not know Paul but the atmosphere around the race and the event was very special and moving.  

So many runners!

The Women in front of me here with the white shirt on had a Tufts Womens Healthcare 10K shirt on. I was really really hurting during this race... I had to stop a few times. Anyway... I saw her running next to me and it helped. I thought to myself we finished the Tufts 10K we can finish this!

Ya I Finished the Race! 

They printed out the race results as they came in and also texted the results to you pretty much as soon as you finished!! I loved this!!
I finished the race at 26.09 so I didn't PR but that's okay... just gives me goals for next year! 

After Jon and I went home so he could watch Cuse loose.. jk Jon! :) Although they did... ha-ha their football team isn't that good. BUT they have a really good basketball team. 

Sometimes life calls for just pasta! So that's what I had for dinner. 

Then Jon and I headed over to the charity fund they were having for the foundation the race benefited..... had some drinks and then called it a night! I was in bed by 11:00 ha-ha! SO tired from the day!