Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boston Run to Remember

Ah.. I been slacking on race updates ect. I guess that's what happens when the summer hits! I have been really enjoying Jon and I's new place, getting settled in, and having some awesome running routes. I have definitely scaled back on some of my longer runs now that my second half marathon is over.  After doing my second half marathon I have kind of become addicted to that length of race, but I won't do anymore until fall!

During the race the Garmin watches were like "oh hey... I am 100% not going to turn on". I also decided that this race without wearing headphones. So during the entire race it was just me, and the road, and everyone around me.

I must say, racing like this was a lot more enjoyable. I started of the race next to these two guys, where were cracking jokes for the first couple of miles. And I was actually just enjoying the race talking with them. If I had my headphones in this would not have happened.

I eventually lost them (one was running the 5 miler...). The rest of the race was going well. There were a few spots were I thought to myself "damn Sara why do you like doing these races..." but the route was just amazing. The killer in some of the Boston races is over Memorial Bridge. It is just so so so so long. Especially at the end because you know once you get over the bridge you are in the final legs of finishing a half marathon.

As I was coming close to the bridge, a guy came up to me an goes "This sucks". It was around mile 9 and this is when I always feel like death.  I was like "I know but once we get over that bridge..." and he was like "I know final stretch" then ran off ahead of me. (I guess I gave him some motivation ha-ha)

As I was going over the bridge my thoughts were bad "This is going to the race where I get sick". The two half marathons I have done I definitely have felt nauseous during the race. I have to learn to start fueling during the race. I had fuel on me, but the thought of it was just like "hell no". I started to walk a bit and this girl comes up behind me "oh no do not start walking now... lets go common!" and we ran together for a short bit.  I think I remember her telling me it was her first half marathon. She got me going for awhile but my stomach was just not having it. Eventually I told myself just to suck it up and keep on going...

The last leg of the race is a mind game. You see the finish line, it looks close, but yet its so far away!  I actually speed up at the end of the race. I am kind of proud of myself for that!  I would have loved to see what I ran the last mile in.  Oh well.

The results: 1:50:51 with a 8:28 min/mile pace. Better than my first half marathon by seconds but I will take it! I am looking to get my fall half marathon down to under a 1:50. 

Anyway here are some pictures....

The bibs and the medals where awesome... 

Ya finish line!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Moody Street 5K

Last, last weekend I ran the Moody Street 5k. I would totally skip writing about this, because it was forever ago... but its a great  for the city in which I live in.  The course ends along the Charles River, one of my favorite spots to run (duh).

The race was actually kind of cold, but was perfect for running (Garmin says it was 61) I wore a tank and was pretty cold waiting for the race to start but good once I got going.

I love Jon and I bib numbers, I believe this going to be an on going theme. Me? with a relatively low bib number... Jon with an "I just signed up today" bib number.  :) He started his training for the BAA 10k yesterday though so it will be fun getting him training for a bigger race.

Anyway... I got my goal of getting all my miles under 8 minute miles in an 5k (kind of)...  it didn't end up being a PR but I wasn't really going for that anyway.  I was just happy I got all my miles under 8 minutes according to my Garmin. However, according the the race results it was an 8 minute mile pace because I had to tie my shoe in the middle of the race, and I stopped by watch. DARN. So its official that I got my goal in my own books, but not in the books for an official race time. I will get it by the end of this summer.... stupid shoes.

Splits from Garmin

Distance:              3.14 mi
Time:                   24:44
Avg Pace:             7:54 min/mi
Elevation Gain:      74 ft
Calories:               265

Per mile.... 
Mile 1: 7:53
Mile 2: 7:45
Mile 3: 7:55
Mile 4 (.14)  8:20

Official Race Results: 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Week Recap and a 14 Mile Weekend.

Normally I do not run the Sunday’s after a long run, but this Sunday I had a race to run!  The long run this weekend was a tough one. I am not sure why but my legs felt like they were just lead.  Part of it I think is that I need new shoes.  Sadly the ones I have been using from the start of running last year I think are coming to the end of their life (have about 300 miles on the road with them plus indoor training on treadmill from this winter)  Also I am not sure where I put my gels and I also did not have a water bottle with so yeah…..Trip to a running store is in need. Think I will be doing that tomorrow! I have some discounts and a gift card to use.  I am going to get fitted, which will be good.


Monday: Nadda. Was going to try to make it to Yoga, but was caught up in moving stuff.

Tuesday: 4.28 mile run, 38 Minutes and an 8:56 pace. I left my watch at home that day. Womp. I still recorded it on map my run.

Wednesday:  No Run/unpacking Stuff?? I kind of forget at this point... 

Thursday:  Distance: 6.20 mile run, Time:  53:16, Avg Pace: 8:35 Calories: 518

Friday: Rest

Saturday:  Distance: 11.00 mi, Time: 1:38, Avg Pace: 8:58, Calories: 909

Mile 1:  9:09
Mile 2:  8:46
Mile 3:  8:49
Mile 4:  8:37
Mile 5:  8:54
Mile 6:  8:19
Mile 7:  8:52
Mile 8:  9:28
Mile 9:  9:38
Mil3 10: 8:58
Mile 11: 9:05
Mile 12: 9:23

Scenes from my run...  I am coming to the conclusion I think spring is my favorite season. It used to be fall but in spring everything comes to life! :) So much better that way. Also you have MLB starting and NHL playoffs. 

Sunday: Moody Street 5K! Recap to come eventually... 

Buying new running shoes tomorrow! Pretty pumped... 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chugging Along...

Life Lately... Craziness! You know those moments in your life that you think... how am I going to make it through this? I mean not terrible depressing times just flat out booked, like don't have time to grocery shop or cook type moments.

Well I am in the midst of one of those life moments. All good things! Just crazy. BUT life happens and you just got to take it day by day and chug along.

Anyway this past weekend I went up to upstate NY for Jons sisters Bridal Shower, such an awesome day for her, I am a bridesmaid in the wedding and can't wait for her big day.

Before the shower I went for a long run because I am running Bostons Run to Remember Half Marathon in a few weeks.  Its funny trying to run 10 miles in his town. ITS SMALL.

And because I like pretty runs... I took some pictures along the way. I a lot different from Comm Ave that's for sure!!

Overall it was a good run. I didn't feel like death until mile 9. I was getting kind of nervous about this half because I haven't really been in training mode because I just did one. I have a 11 miler planned for this weekend, then a 12, then a 10K race or just a 10K run (pending Bruins playoff schedule). I think I will be able to run 13.1 miles, its just how well I will be able to run it! 

Anyway the Mile breakdown goes as followed: 

Mile 1: 8:48 
Mile 2: 8:33 
Mile 3: 8:54 
Mile 4: 8:58 
Mile 5: 8:19
Mile 6: 8:36 
Mile 7: 9:09
Mile 8: 9:16
Mile 9: 9:31
Mile 10: 8:43 
Mile 11 (.10): 10:02 

After Jess's shower and some celebrating there after, Jon and I woke up early and made back to Massachusetts to MOVE! This is part of why my life has been crazy.  We are not moving out of town, but just to a section and an apartment that makes more sense!  I already feel like so much more at home at our new place then I ever did at our old place.  Our old place was nice, but it was just not every Jon and I. We also moved in with another roommate at first and then she left, it just ever felt like "ours".  This new place is feeling totally us!! :) However. Moving SUCKS. and I will not be moving again for a long ass time! 

Moving has definitely made an impact on training though. I didn't do yoga Monday, I ran Tuesday for 4 miles with the running group, didn't run yesterday,  and most likely will not run tonight. BUT that's okay, even though I have a Half Marathon coming up. A lot of people I talk to say that they run their best races when they run less. However with that being said I am very much looking forward to getting settled and getting my schedule back on track! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Watertown Strong 5K

So I will spare writing about every run I went on last week, because this week there were so many beautiful races out there (including obviously the Boston Marathon!!!!) . I am telling you if you are a runner in the area, you probably ran a race this weekend. This past weekend I ran the Watertown Strong 5k. It was an awesome event. It was good to see the community out and celebrating. It marked the one year anniversary of when Watertown and the surrounding was locked down because they where trying to find the brother responsible for what happened in Boston. What a better way to celebrate our freedom of all being outside for a race? Weather people were running it or cheering us on, it was just a great way of all coming together and being outside! :) They day was so beautiful too!

If you can see him in the crowd here... the Governor of Massachusetts was there and gave a speech... There were many guests, including the Governor, The Chief of Watertown Police, Jeff Bauman, and a Watertown High Schooler who sang of a very special songs she wrote... just an awesome event! NESN was even there and you can watch the video they did on it here. Jon is actually in it if you look closely!

Some pictures before the race... 

I love this photo... The Watertown Police men who ran all finished together... 

Lets go Jon!!!

My  Results.. 

According to my watch. 
Mile 1: 7:23 Min/Mile  
Mile 2: 7:58 Min/Mile
Mile 3: 8:00 Min/Mile 

Needless to say I got out way to fast and I need to learn to chill out my first mile. My goal for this race was to get all under 8 minute miles... I think I could have done it if I didn't use all my energy in the firs mile. You live and learn! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Half Marathon Recovery

The weather around these parts is changing for the better, which I am so excited for. I have been officially of the treadmill for a few weeks now. I have been running on my own outside, running with an running group, its been great!  I am so happy to be on the road again, and not confined to the treadmill during the dark days of winter.

So last week I kept with a pretty good workout routine after running my half marathon. I knew if I took a break like I did after my first 10K it be hard to get going again so I kept at it. I haven’t been waking up early to run before work, but running after work instead. I decided last week I would let myself sleep in a little. BUT other than that I just did what I felt I could, and it felt pretty damn good. 

Monday: Yoga. Which turned out to be one of the harder classes I have done…. I told the instructor after I ran a half the day before and she was like “OMG I AM SO SORRY!” It was all good though. Awesome challenge, and I felt awesome the next day considering I was two days into snore ness after running my first Half Marathon.

Tuesday:  5 Miles with running group. This run I challenged myself a little bit, but didn’t overdo it. Felt good!

Distance: 5 Miles
Time: 46:02
Pace: 9: 11
Calories: 413

Mile 1:   9:04
Mile 2:   8:57
Mile 3    9:45
Mile 4:  8:52
Mile 5:  9:14
Mile 6 (.10):  12:51

Wednesday: 3.61 Mile Run

Distance:             3.61 mi
Time:                    31:04
Avg Pace:            8:37 min/mi
Calories:              299 C

Mile 1: 8:37
Mile 2: 8:16
Mile 3:  8:39
Mile 4 (61): 9:06

I am going to kind of miss this view in my boyfriend and I's new apartment.  Its cute, there are so many people in this park when its nice out. Kids playing on the playground, baseball games, dogs running around! Its good to see everyone in our neighborhood out and about!  

I thought this was a cool shot walking back to my apartment... 

Thursday:  4.50 Miles

Distance: 4.50 mi
Time:  40:29
Avg Pace: 9:00 min/m
Calories:  374

Mile 1:  8:38
Mile 2   8:58
Mile 3:  8:59
Mile 4:  9:10
Mile 5 (.50 miles):  9:92

I actually wore shorts on Thursdays run! Seriously its getting there!

Saturday:  8 ish mile run

I kept stopping during this run, then forgetting to start my watch again. So the pace/how long I really ran is all messed up. I changed the distance from what my garmin said to what Kensie had on her app.  So I am not sure what really happened. Regardless it was beautiful day out and we had an beautiful run outside.  61 degrees and sunny, but it felt a lot warmer than that. I was running in an tank, and I was hot.  SO a long run outside, great weather, and beautiful views is all that really matters! J Kind of reminds you why you love running.

Distance:  8.00 mi
Time:  1:08:22
Avg Pace: 8:34 min/mi
Calories:  594 C

Mile 1:  8:38
Mile 2:  9:14
Mile 3:  9:24
Mile 4:  9:09
Mile 5:  10:01
Mile 6:  10:03
Mile 7:   9:52
Mile 8:   9:20

Some pictures from our wonderful spring run... .

Anyway so the week after my first half was good. It was a bit slower, but I take that as a good thing. The number one thing I want to work on this summer understands my pace.  When I run, I just run, I am not thinking about keeping fuel in the tank for the end of my run. Even when I try I have no idea the difference between my 8:40 pace and my 8:17 pace.  This summer I want to try to understand what my pace feels like when I am “in reserve” and what my pace feels like “giving it all” or long distance “giving it all”. That is my number one goal this summer. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Run to Home Base

When I graduated college my class prophecy was "Sara will wait patently for the Red Sox to win another World Series"... good thing they won two years later! I really wasn't waiting that long.

Anyway, I have had some great moments at Fenway including the Winter Classic and getting to attend a playoff game last year.  When I saw the Red Sox Foundation Run to Home Base run last year, I knew I wanted to run it.. so with some thought, here I am!

I am not to far away from my goal, which is awesome, and I would like to surpass it if possible.  I am getting really excited to run this the more and more I read about it!! Its just going to be an awesome experience going to an amazing cause.

From the website:

The 2014 RUN TO HOME BASE presented by New Balance is a unique and special event that celebrates our military heroes and raises necessary funds for the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program. The Home Base Program is committed to serving the needs of veterans with combat stress and/or traumatic brain injury and their families, but we need your support.
Your support to the Home Base Program will help to ensure that local veterans who served our country receive the clinical treatment they need for combat stress and/or traumatic brain injury, and that their families get the guidance and support they need. The Home Base Program also seeks to advance innovative treatments that hold the most potential for helping veterans with combat stress and/or traumatic brain injury and their families.
Anyway if you want to help out you can do so my donating here.  I am also thinking about holding an fundraiser event, which I have never done before. EEK! I am getting super pumped for this!

Thank you!