Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chugging Along...

Life Lately... Craziness! You know those moments in your life that you think... how am I going to make it through this? I mean not terrible depressing times just flat out booked, like don't have time to grocery shop or cook type moments.

Well I am in the midst of one of those life moments. All good things! Just crazy. BUT life happens and you just got to take it day by day and chug along.

Anyway this past weekend I went up to upstate NY for Jons sisters Bridal Shower, such an awesome day for her, I am a bridesmaid in the wedding and can't wait for her big day.

Before the shower I went for a long run because I am running Bostons Run to Remember Half Marathon in a few weeks.  Its funny trying to run 10 miles in his town. ITS SMALL.

And because I like pretty runs... I took some pictures along the way. I a lot different from Comm Ave that's for sure!!

Overall it was a good run. I didn't feel like death until mile 9. I was getting kind of nervous about this half because I haven't really been in training mode because I just did one. I have a 11 miler planned for this weekend, then a 12, then a 10K race or just a 10K run (pending Bruins playoff schedule). I think I will be able to run 13.1 miles, its just how well I will be able to run it! 

Anyway the Mile breakdown goes as followed: 

Mile 1: 8:48 
Mile 2: 8:33 
Mile 3: 8:54 
Mile 4: 8:58 
Mile 5: 8:19
Mile 6: 8:36 
Mile 7: 9:09
Mile 8: 9:16
Mile 9: 9:31
Mile 10: 8:43 
Mile 11 (.10): 10:02 

After Jess's shower and some celebrating there after, Jon and I woke up early and made back to Massachusetts to MOVE! This is part of why my life has been crazy.  We are not moving out of town, but just to a section and an apartment that makes more sense!  I already feel like so much more at home at our new place then I ever did at our old place.  Our old place was nice, but it was just not every Jon and I. We also moved in with another roommate at first and then she left, it just ever felt like "ours".  This new place is feeling totally us!! :) However. Moving SUCKS. and I will not be moving again for a long ass time! 

Moving has definitely made an impact on training though. I didn't do yoga Monday, I ran Tuesday for 4 miles with the running group, didn't run yesterday,  and most likely will not run tonight. BUT that's okay, even though I have a Half Marathon coming up. A lot of people I talk to say that they run their best races when they run less. However with that being said I am very much looking forward to getting settled and getting my schedule back on track! 

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  1. I love the photos of the country roads. I went to college in the middle of nowhere in VA and I loved running on the roads down there. It looks like you made the best out of your weekend trip. I find it's always hard to do a long run in a place that's new to me... I am very bad with directions, lol. Moving does suck! It's honestly the worst.... second to unpacking everything:)