Friday, January 31, 2014

Finish Strong

So its January 31st and I already signed up for 3 races for the spring. The big one obviously being the Half Marathon on April 6.

Other ones I have signed up for? The Saint Patty's Day race on March 15 2014.  My friend Kensie (who is running the half marathon with me) and Ann are running with me. I am secretly, well not so much of a secret now, really excited for this race. I have been waiting to do "holiday" race for awhile now, and the bar crawl after sounds fun. I probably won't be staying up there for the whole day... but I am really looking forward to this. Oh. Its a 10K. which I think is going to end up being my favorite distance for a race. Challenging, but not insane.

The other one I signed up for.?

Watertown Police Finish Strong 5K

When I saw this i didn't even have to think about it...its on April 19th, which marks the one year anniversary from the Boston Marathon suspects were captured in Watertown. The Watertown Police Department is hosting a 5k that day in Watertown. I live in Waltham which is the next town over. The Waltham and Watertown communities are very close, I believe probably rivals in high school sports. A lot of people I hang out with grew up/live in Watertown. I am not sure I will ever forget how I felt that day. The incident happened about 6 miles away from my apartment. Which its a good distance...but I was still on edge that day. We were in lock down and it was the first beautiful day of spring. If I remember correctly I think it was around 70 degrees but I remember it was windy that day.  I remember at one point the wind knocked over our trash can, Jon was asleep on the couch, and I went outside to pick it up. I thought to myself... say if he knocked it down so I would come outside? My next thought was how sad it was I actually was scared in my own home. Well when the police told us we could leave our houses I wanted out of Waltham ASAP. We planned to go meet up with his brother in Framingham for some dinner and drinks, but as we were getting ready the news came on saying they were about to capture the brother. Jon and I at that point decided to stay in Waltham, we went to a restaurant/bar that is about 2 miles away from our apartment and watched it all unfold there. The days to follow where definitely different. The mall which was on the news was the one I go to pretty much every single weekend... which I went to the following Saturday or Sunday. To get to that mall from my apartment you drive past the Watertown Police department, where there were "Watertown Strong" signs and teddy bears outside the police station. A year later I am looking forward to this event that the Watertown Police Department is putting together. If you live around the area... you should sign up too.

Here are a few pictures I have taken around town...

During the Bruins playoffs I wore my Boston Strong shirt under my jersey for ever single playoff game....

Jon and I went for a run/hike in Prospect Hill Park... Boston in the background. Such a pretty park!

Just do it.. sign up!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boring Title Insert Here...

I hate coming up with tittles for my post. They are pretty boring posts, about the same thing over and over... so I been lacking creativity. Although... I am kind of thinking of making more effort to making this more interesting and not just a record of all my workouts. We will see.. I promise this to myself a lot and it doesn't happen.

Another random thought... So I think I totally messed up my weeks of training some how.  I mean it was actually in a good way. ahead of schedule so that's a positive....

Anyway... on to this week.

Monday: Skipped Yoga. I find it so hard to get to this class... because A. I find it boring (but I know its good for me) and B. because it starts at 7:30PM.  Well luckily for me sometimes things just work out... My work scheduled a yoga instructor to come to my work and host a class starting at 5:15PM. She was doing Tuesday- Thursdays but moved it to Monday- Wednesdays. AMAZING... Its "Yoga Fit" so its just the type of Yoga I like and I really really like the person who teaches it. Which is good because I was actually was thinking about paying for a Yoga studio in the town over for me because they offer "Yoga for Runners" on Monday nights.  When I went to the site, they stopped offering that class... So Fit Yoga it is for now.

Tuesday: 3.1 Mile run on the treadmill. I totally forgot what pace I was going. I need to figure out how to use my Garmin to track this!

Today (Wednesday)

First off...This is why I love my gym.... What New Years Eve Resolution's people? Granted this was taken at 5:55AM this morning I got in a few minutes before the 6:00AM "crowd" gets there. But this is why its great becoming a morning person.... It takes a lot for a New Years Eve Resolution's person to get there before 6:00AM.  The most trouble I run in? The other morning I almost had to use an older treadmill instead of newer ones... almost.

Anyway this morning was 4.0 Miles on the treadmill. I honestly forget what I was doing this morning as far as pace. I think I started around 9:05 minute mile pace. Then around mile 2 I switched it to about an 8:57 mile pace and went back and forth between 9:05 and 8:57 throughout Mile 2 and Mile 3 and then I think I went up again? I forget. Anyway it felt good!

Speaking of the Garmin the other day I connected to the "Garmin Connect". I am not sure if you have a Garmin watch.. but if you do and have not download this yet I highly recommend it. It keeps track of all your runs for you. I was doing this manually in an excel spread sheet. (Yes I am crazy and track all my runs in excel...). So yes. Check out Garmin Connect. Very cool.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What you learn...

This past weekend was a whirlwind with weather. Saturday felt like a heatwave.... at 30 degrees. The thing is, I am not even kidding.  I was debating back and forth on going to my class on Saturday or going for my long run on Saturday. I knew the weather was going to take the turn for the worst Sunday.

Well I choose the class, which I was happy I did because it was a really good workout.

I was not to happy with myself Sunday. IT WAS COLD. When I got back from my run and I checked out my weather app it said "feels like 1 degree".... I felt a little crazy for attempting this. But the 7 miles needed to get done and 7 miles on the treadmill sounded like cruel and usual punishment.

It was a very slow run.  Something you learn as a runner is the reason in which town officials demand that residents clean off their sidewalks. Another thing you learn is that people who live in your town do not listen to that advice. A couple of times I had to stop and walk to avoid a disaster.  Also as runner you learn the importance of Under Armor. See I had Under Armor long sleeve top on, but just my running leggings on the bottom.... It is not easy to run when you can not feel your lower half. 

With that being said my spits were as following... 
Mile 1: 9:56
Mile 2: 9:54
Mile 3: 10:30
Mile 4: 9:38 
Mile 5: 10:12
Mile 6: 10:14
Mile 7: 10:10 

... after my run I headed to Sports Authority to buy Under Armor for my legs. As well as a compression sleeve, because it does not make sense to sell compression sleeves as a pair. You know two legs but they sell them singles. I did not realize until I came home with the first one. Another thing you learn as a runner. Sleeve, not Sleeves. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Running like a Girl

This polar vertex crap is keeping me indoors! I was convincing myself to start running outside again this week but with feels like -22 degrees that would not be happening.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 3.1 mile run with a cool-down.

Wednesday: This quick workout I got from Carrots N Cake. 

I was going to kill my friends *I love them* but they started texting uncontrollably around the time I was at 7.5 and it was interrupting my music. I need to fix that... ! It was kind of a workout buzz kill because I was so frustrated with it. BUT I got through! I really enjoyed this workout. Challenging and I normally would never going to 7.5 so it felt good to get some speed in. 

Thursday: Body Sculpt class.

Today is Friday and it is an off day! TGIF!!

This week I finished Running like a Girl. It was soooo good! She is so funny, and pretty much just like me. I could relate to her a lot! :) I loved this quote at the beginning of one of her chapters... 

I been really enjoying reading before going to bed. Aside from Tuesdays... I just end up watching TVs shows that I do not care about before sleep.... I been finding reading a lot more enjoyable.

So the question is what do I read next?!

 I started Born to Run and its good so far but I am not sure I am in the mood for another running book right away. I am thinking of Mindy's Book or a book on Francona  hmmmmm

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snowing Sunday Run

Sunday morning my running partner had to get up extra early to get a run in. I was dreading this... 8:00AM on a Sunday? Ugh. BUT I made it... and you know what? it wasn't that bad... aside from it being cold and snowing (again!).

Here are some pictures from the run...

My pace for this run was...

Mile 1: 9:41
Mile 2: 9:38
Mile 3: 9:13
Mile 4: 9:37
Mile 5: 8:57
Mile 6: 9:30
Mile 7 (.20 miles): 10:49

After my run and some errands I headed to a local bar with the boyfriend and to meet up with some friends to watch the Patriots game...

Did not turn out so well... Its okay though.... We have the Bruins! :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Embracing it!

Last week I was really feeling down... I missed running outside. I was looking at pictures from my spring/summer/fall runs and thought about how lucky I had it then! This weekend I was determined to make the most of it. So I went for a run Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday we had an unsuspected snow storm... we were barely suppose to get a dusting but we got a lot more!  It was fine in the morning went I went to my body sculpt class but by like noon it was full out snowing. Anyway... I went to friends house Thursday evening so still owed my 2 miles for training so I told myself I would do that Saturday because I take my class that day as well and when I went out to run this is what I found.. 

Yeah... It was a little snowy! I was wearing my more stable running shoes as well. My other running shoes are like a minimalist shoe.. which I love! BUT not for these conditions they are cold and wet!

and yes I am very pink! Its funny I am not at all a "pink girl".  I hate, hate, hate pink Boston sports fan gear. BUT running? I love it! Not sure why. This new athleta jacket is also amazing. It has that pattern on the sleeves in the back but much larger. The best part? The patterns are reflectors. Score. Thanks mom for the gift card! :) 

Slow.. but actually kind of fun!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Favorite Pasta Recipe

I think my body is starting to get use to getting up so early. The past couple of weeks when my alarm goes off at 5:15 I don't feel like death which is nice. I normally get out of bed around 5:30 but I feel like I am going to make it a goal get up closer to when my alarm actually goes off.

Anyway this morning I got in a quicker 5K in yesterday.

I ran on an .05% incline the entire time... and if I remember correctly it went something like this 

Mile 1: 6.6 mph for about an 9:05 Pace 
Mile 2  6.7 mph for about an 8:57 pace 
Mile 3.80 mph  6.8 for about an 8:49 pace 
Mile 3 for (.20 miles) to mile 4 (.20 Miles) at an 6.9 mph for an 8:42 pace 

Last night I made this amazing pasta recipe from Prevention RD. I do not believe I have shared it before because I gobble it down before I can even take a picture. This was from lunch leftovers.  I like it because its cheesy (my favorite) but has spinach and tomatoes too... yum!

Actually I was reading the Runners World Cookbook last night and I was so excited when I saw this...

Yesterday I had one of each Category expect for Blue and Purple (even the examples given)... Tomatoes, Mangoes, Avocados, and a Banana. 

Seriously.. I am in love with this cookbook! Tonight I am trying for the second time  to cook with seafood... should be interesting....

Now its time for walk to Dunks... it is seriously so nice out for January!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tigers are not for me

Monday Night

I keep telling myself I need to go to Yoga on Monday nights. The Yoga class at my gym is so so. Its called "Gentle Yoga" and its a little to much "gentle" for me. BUT the thing is its on Monday's so it falls into my schedule, and its free... so I am trying to make myself like it. I went last night and it was alright. I definitely felt a good stretch in some places. BUT she did this thing called the Tiger Pose? Where they scrunched our faces like a Tiger and make our fist like one and went "roar"... that so much is not my style... I rather be doing a plank... especially when there is Basketball being played and 20-30 something year old men are walking by... ha-ha and I know some of them. Oh awkward Gym moments.

Also I am a morning Gym person... last night I saw the full on "new years resolution's" people as I pulled into the parking lot for my Gym.... its like... where did all these people come from?!?


I have a tendency to always want to go 100% when I run. So this morning I tried a "shake out run" I ran at a lower pace then normal and didn't try my to run as fast as I could. The entire time my legs felt like lead and I blamed it on running 6.2 miles on Sunday. Then I realized that I had put the incline on to 1%... I am so not used to that yet! BUT I feel like if I am going to do some half Marathon Training on the treadmill it should be with an incline. 

Anyway this was my workout with a cool down and warm up...


So I am not a big Salad person at all... I am not really sure why. BUT I enjoy veggies much more in a wrap or sandwich.  BUT I was shopping at Trader Joe's on Sunday and I knew I was not going to have a lunch for Monday so I picked up their Super Spinach Salad. SO GOOD! I need to make this at home when summer rolls around and its too hot to actually cook.

Also last week I got in the male The Runners World Cookbook... AMAZING

Last night I made the Chicken- Mango Fajitas that was a recipe from the book.  They were so good... and boyfriend approved.... even with the Mango! :)  

I will end with a funny conversation I had with my boyfriend last night 

Me: Can you pick up a soft Avocado on your way home?
Jon: What do you mean by soft
Me: Touch the top... if it gives a little then its good. 
Jon: Where are the Avocados?
Me: Produce section 
Jon: Okay... I don't even know what an Avocado looks like.... 

Sigh...Men ha-ha but you have to laugh! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

So It Begins...

This weekend was a good one, the Patriots won on Saturday night... woohoo! Now we face the Broncos which I am nervous about. Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady. Should be good!

Anyway Saturday morning I had my body sculpt class, she is so good! There were 32 people in the class last week... there were people following her from the hallway. It was nuts. 

Sunday Morning I went for a 6.2 Mile run with my friend Kensie. It was such a good day for an out door run, although a bit windy. 

The views were so pretty though! I missed running this route... it felt good to be back!

I forgot my running watch which I was so disappointed but I used my Run Keeper instead...

Miles: 6.20
Time:  57:29
Pace Per Mile: 9:17
Calories: 551 

Mile 1: 8:44
Mile 2: 9:34
Mile 3: 9:44 
Mile 4: 9:17 
Mile 5: 8:49 
Mile 6: 9:28 
Mile 7 (.20 Miles): at a 9:32 pace. 

I am looking forward to getting back out there next weekend! :) It feels so good to be able to run outside. Also Half Marathon Training officially begins! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Its coming...

Today was my body sculpting class in the morning. It was good. Our normal teacher wasn't there so we had a sub. She was awesome. Apparently the sound system for the aerobic studio is broken (has been for weeks)... and also she was late (its so cold her car doors were frozen) and had to do the class without any music (surprise!). You would think that would have sucked... but she actually handled it really well.

I feel like I did not do as many reps as normal but I felt like I learned a lot of stuff how to fix my form and new ways to workout. So overall it was really nice. BUT I kind missed leaving all sweaty!

I may go for a 2 mile run tonight on the treadmill or do a yoga sculpt class at my work... we shall see!! The boyfriend opted out of a morning workout so he will be not home anyway.

Although I am excited for tonight's dinner! I am making a homemade pesto sauce with Kale and Almonds inspired by Fanneastic Food! I am going to have to lighten it up a bit because I want to put it on Pasta.... but pesto and pasta may be my most favorite meal so I am pumped!

Also this is my last week before training.... yikes! Its coming.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today I wanted to be able to do an interval workout... but I definitely did not get out of bed in time to pull that off. The workout I wanted to do is 37 minutes long plus 5 minute cool down so around 42 minutes on the treadmill... I ended up on the treadmill for 33 minutes this morning. I am thinking MAYBE Friday I will go to the gym. Friday's are normally my off day, but I took Sunday and Monday off so I could make up for not doing long run Sunday by doing a longish run on Friday on the treadmill and keeping it interesting with an interval workout... we shall see... I tell myself this every week I take both Sunday and Monday off and it does not happen. ;) I look back at this morning... 10 minutes would have not killed me in my morning schedule... oh well.

Anyway... So what I did instead was I ran 3.2 miles. Around Mile .50 miles I thought to myself lets make this interesting so I increased the Incline to 1%. Which is not anything outstanding but it definitely added to the intensity!

Mile 1= 0.5 miles at 0% incline at 6.7mph then 0.5 miles with at 1% incline at 6.7mph
Mile 2= Full mile at 1% incline at 6.8mph
Mile 3= Full mile at 1% incline at 6.9mph
The last 0.20 miles = 0.20 miles at 1% incline at 7.0mph (I felt like I was sprinting! BUT It felt awesome!)

According to this pace converter it ends up being

Mile 1= 8:57
Mile 2= 8:49
Mile 3= 8:42
the last .20 miles= 8:34

Which seems a bit off from what the treadmill was telling me what mph= pace was but oh well...

Oh... also found a new breakfast. I can eat the same breakfast for like week straight and then out of no where I get sick of it! I did not want oatmeal again this weekend... so I went with this..

I bring about 4-5 strawberries/2 tablespoons of almond butter and Trader Joe's Whole Wheat English Muffins... it tastes like peanut butter and jelly. So good! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Treadmill Tuesday.

This morning I decided I am going to try to post every single workout.... I may not have a lot to say each day but at least I get it recorded. Especially treadmill workouts, there are just a bunch of pictures on my phone so I would like them to mean something (know the date in which I ran). So we will see how this goes.

So without further adieu.. This morning I ran a 5K on the treadmill and walked about .40 miles. When I work out in the treadmill I start off with a .10 mile walk then run to 3.2 miles and then do the full cooldown which gets me to around 3.5 miles.  I always hate seeing my pace because its so high when I really ran the entire time between 9:10- 8:45 miles... but it is what it is.

This morning was my first morning in after two weeks of going to the gym before work. I had a little vacation time. I honestly forgot how good that feels to get a run in before going to work. Definitely excited to do it again tomorrow.