Monday, December 30, 2013

Oh the Holidays...

Oh the holidays.... I been off of work for the majority of last week and will be for the majority of this week! Loving some time off... and I told myself I would run outside a lot more.... but instead I took Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday off from going to the gym/running. It happens... I got back on the wagon after the Holiday!

Thursday: Ran 3.1 miles in 31.36 seconds for a 10:01 mile pace. (Snow banks suck.... they slow me down)

On Friday I went for a swim.. Jon got me this awesome watch for Christmas that records how long you have been swimming and even your strokes. The stroke part did not work that great because you have say your done a lap before you start a new stroke... but aside from that it was so awesome! I always forget to check what time it is when I get into the pool and always can not for the life of me remember how far I swam... so this really really helped!

I got a 1725 meter swim in which is just over a mile.  I been thinking about the Iron Girl races... and the swim part is 1/3 of a mile... so it felt good to know I could be swimming for more than that and it be okay.  

Saturday: Went to the gym and lifted a little.

Sunday: 6.2 Mile run. 

I got this awesome new jacket from Athleta thanks to my parents getting me a gift card! The designs on the sleeve is also on the back of the jacket, and they are reflectors which is awesome. Its also bright pink! Its funny I do not consider myself a pink girl.... but for running stuff I love it.


So hopefully I can get a few more outdoor runs in this week... but its suppose to be like -24 so I am not to sure that will be happening... to the treadmill it is....

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Revised Training...

I am not really sure I what I was thinking when I put that plan together ha-ha... That would be WAY to hard to maintain. I think when I put it together... I was thinking... When am I going to swim? So I had to include it in there... weirdo.

I revised my training plan a bit and here it is....

Its its basically what the Hal Higdon Training program recommends here and here. I just made two modifications. One I really like my body sculpt class in the morning so I am keeping that on Thursday and Sunday mornings! I decided I can swim some Saturdays instead of my class and some Wednesdays instead of my run if I feel like it.

I am also going to need to be flexible. If the weather calls for a beautiful Saturday and a like -2 degree Sunday I am going to flip my long run to Saturday and do a swim on Sunday instead. I also changed what I would for a run on Thursdays. Doing a 5 mile run after already working out that day seems a bit extreme. When I was training for my 10k I would do a small run after I got home from work and it really fit in well! :)

So I hope it works. I would be really nervous only running 10 miles as my longest run before the race... although I am sure it would be fine. If I can run 10 miles then I probably could run 13.2! :) So I decided the plan increasing per mile by week would be best. I am also a little nervous only running over 3 miles one other day of the week. BUT if the increasing the miles each weak becomes harder then I will revisit.

I just need to trust the training! I remember while the 10k training hurt at times my body always felt ready for the next step. :)

So so far this is it.... until I change my mind again!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Only Half Crazy (for now)


My friend Kensie (who I ran the Tufts Healthcare Plan for Women 10K with) signed up for a Half Marathon on April 6th. I am extremely nervous, excited and feeling good about this. 

My worries? I am thinking how am I going to train for this? The majority of my training is going be dark and cold (New England Winter). I am going to need some outdoor flashy running gear and I hope I don't wimp out training because of the weather.  My Christmas wish is quit long with outdoor running gear ;)

Then I think to myself... what is the worst that can happen? You are going to PR because it’s your first half marathon... so any time is your best. Also it’s okay if I cannot RUN it all.... I can walk. I just have to listen to my body and if I need to stop I need to stop. 

As for training programs I think I have settled on this one….

My plan is to be flexible during the weekends, which may mean sometimes missing my favorite fitness class. L BUT if the weather is going to be ridiculously better Saturday, I will do my long run Saturday… but either way it’s going to be a cold one!

Average Temperatures in Boston

·        Average High: 36 Degrees
·        Average Low:  22 Degrees

·        Average High: 39 Degrees
·        Average Low:  25 Degrees

·        Average High: 45 Degrees
·        Average Low:  31 Degrees

I am excited for March. I think that is going to be one of my favorite times to run, which will be good because I have so long ass runs planned! 10, 11 and 12 miles. I have never ran longer than 6 for my 10k so this will be interesting! 

BUT I like this... and just have to keep this in mind... 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cyper Monday

I did not purchase anything on Black Friday, Small business Saturday or Cyber Monday! YIKES! BUT Come Cyber Monday I did need something a healthy meal! I am not sure if its the meds I am taking from the strep, being sick in general or from Thanksgiving but I am feel like I feel full!!!

Anyway come Monday it was meatless Monday's in full force. Jon asked he could vote to veto Meatless Monday's and I replied no. Ha-ha but secretly get likes my vegetarian meals!

So what did I make? Quinoa stuffed peppers with a side of green beans! 
Recipe found here
I recommend it! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This past Thanksgiving I went up to the Syracuse area... it was a lot of fun.. aside of me getting strep throat. I packed all my running gear and bought some cold weather running gear to motivate myself even more to go out there and run... and I didn't at all. Womp Womp... but I felt better by Friday because I went right away to get some Antibiotics, which was nice!

Anyway I made some homemade Cranberry sauce and sweet potato soup to help with the cooking for Thanksgiving! I bought the soup in the Crockpot and the Cranberry Sauce in a tin throwaway so it really helped with the ease of it and not having to worry about re heating something when I got to my destination!

Jon packed the car.... ha-ha I fixed it. BUT I laughed when I tried to look out the window and there was the trader joes bag in the way and my suitcase flipped to the side with the soup underneath it... boys... 

Jon's home town is so cute! I thought these lights were adorable.... and yes there is already so much snow up there! It was so cold... 9 degrees for a few nights.

 When we got there we got to hang out with this little guy! He is so cute! :)

Drink some Yuengling... my favorite beer ever. BUT its not sold in Massachusetts.. but that is changing!

Thanksgiving... we got to sit at the kids table!

Friday night we were center ice for a Cuse crunch game!

View from the one bar they have in town... 

Saturday night we visited my roommate from college, which split up our 4 hour drive.. which was nice. I love the bars and restaurants in Albany, the look and feel of them are so much fun!

We grabbed a few drinks after dinner then went home! It was good to see her!

AND I got to meet her dog! How cute is she? Turns out that Golden Retrievers are suppose to be smaller then they have been bread to be. She is going to grow a little bit more. :) I like this size dog! 

Jon and I made it home for the first quarter of the Pats game! It was good to be back in Waltham so early! :)