Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This past Thanksgiving I went up to the Syracuse area... it was a lot of fun.. aside of me getting strep throat. I packed all my running gear and bought some cold weather running gear to motivate myself even more to go out there and run... and I didn't at all. Womp Womp... but I felt better by Friday because I went right away to get some Antibiotics, which was nice!

Anyway I made some homemade Cranberry sauce and sweet potato soup to help with the cooking for Thanksgiving! I bought the soup in the Crockpot and the Cranberry Sauce in a tin throwaway so it really helped with the ease of it and not having to worry about re heating something when I got to my destination!

Jon packed the car.... ha-ha I fixed it. BUT I laughed when I tried to look out the window and there was the trader joes bag in the way and my suitcase flipped to the side with the soup underneath it... boys... 

Jon's home town is so cute! I thought these lights were adorable.... and yes there is already so much snow up there! It was so cold... 9 degrees for a few nights.

 When we got there we got to hang out with this little guy! He is so cute! :)

Drink some Yuengling... my favorite beer ever. BUT its not sold in Massachusetts.. but that is changing!

Thanksgiving... we got to sit at the kids table!

Friday night we were center ice for a Cuse crunch game!

View from the one bar they have in town... 

Saturday night we visited my roommate from college, which split up our 4 hour drive.. which was nice. I love the bars and restaurants in Albany, the look and feel of them are so much fun!

We grabbed a few drinks after dinner then went home! It was good to see her!

AND I got to meet her dog! How cute is she? Turns out that Golden Retrievers are suppose to be smaller then they have been bread to be. She is going to grow a little bit more. :) I like this size dog! 

Jon and I made it home for the first quarter of the Pats game! It was good to be back in Waltham so early! :)

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