Monday, December 30, 2013

Oh the Holidays...

Oh the holidays.... I been off of work for the majority of last week and will be for the majority of this week! Loving some time off... and I told myself I would run outside a lot more.... but instead I took Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday off from going to the gym/running. It happens... I got back on the wagon after the Holiday!

Thursday: Ran 3.1 miles in 31.36 seconds for a 10:01 mile pace. (Snow banks suck.... they slow me down)

On Friday I went for a swim.. Jon got me this awesome watch for Christmas that records how long you have been swimming and even your strokes. The stroke part did not work that great because you have say your done a lap before you start a new stroke... but aside from that it was so awesome! I always forget to check what time it is when I get into the pool and always can not for the life of me remember how far I swam... so this really really helped!

I got a 1725 meter swim in which is just over a mile.  I been thinking about the Iron Girl races... and the swim part is 1/3 of a mile... so it felt good to know I could be swimming for more than that and it be okay.  

Saturday: Went to the gym and lifted a little.

Sunday: 6.2 Mile run. 

I got this awesome new jacket from Athleta thanks to my parents getting me a gift card! The designs on the sleeve is also on the back of the jacket, and they are reflectors which is awesome. Its also bright pink! Its funny I do not consider myself a pink girl.... but for running stuff I love it.


So hopefully I can get a few more outdoor runs in this week... but its suppose to be like -24 so I am not to sure that will be happening... to the treadmill it is....

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