Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cyper Monday

I did not purchase anything on Black Friday, Small business Saturday or Cyber Monday! YIKES! BUT Come Cyber Monday I did need something a healthy meal! I am not sure if its the meds I am taking from the strep, being sick in general or from Thanksgiving but I am feel like I feel full!!!

Anyway come Monday it was meatless Monday's in full force. Jon asked he could vote to veto Meatless Monday's and I replied no. Ha-ha but secretly get likes my vegetarian meals!

So what did I make? Quinoa stuffed peppers with a side of green beans! 
Recipe found here
I recommend it! 

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  1. yum...i love quinoa, but have recently discovered that i am allergic or makes me sick now, which is so upsetting! i could substitute something else, though!