Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Only Half Crazy (for now)


My friend Kensie (who I ran the Tufts Healthcare Plan for Women 10K with) signed up for a Half Marathon on April 6th. I am extremely nervous, excited and feeling good about this. 

My worries? I am thinking how am I going to train for this? The majority of my training is going be dark and cold (New England Winter). I am going to need some outdoor flashy running gear and I hope I don't wimp out training because of the weather.  My Christmas wish is quit long with outdoor running gear ;)

Then I think to myself... what is the worst that can happen? You are going to PR because it’s your first half marathon... so any time is your best. Also it’s okay if I cannot RUN it all.... I can walk. I just have to listen to my body and if I need to stop I need to stop. 

As for training programs I think I have settled on this one….

My plan is to be flexible during the weekends, which may mean sometimes missing my favorite fitness class. L BUT if the weather is going to be ridiculously better Saturday, I will do my long run Saturday… but either way it’s going to be a cold one!

Average Temperatures in Boston

·        Average High: 36 Degrees
·        Average Low:  22 Degrees

·        Average High: 39 Degrees
·        Average Low:  25 Degrees

·        Average High: 45 Degrees
·        Average Low:  31 Degrees

I am excited for March. I think that is going to be one of my favorite times to run, which will be good because I have so long ass runs planned! 10, 11 and 12 miles. I have never ran longer than 6 for my 10k so this will be interesting! 

BUT I like this... and just have to keep this in mind... 


  1. i commend you for training in the winter...i rarely run outside when it's below zero!!! yay for you!

  2. That looks like an intense training schedule...good luck lady!

    The Other Side of Gray