Friday, August 30, 2013

Better than Bed Time

First off HAPPY LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!

I have always wanted to join the November Project for one of their workouts... one time they had one called "Better than Bed Time" on a Sunday evening... which I could have done but we had something going on that weekend and I would have had to skip like grocery shopping, so I didnt.. but anyway... the "Better than Bed Time" was a 3.1 mile run to a bar & celebration... last night I did my own better than bed time.

The Patriots game was on (their last final season game) and my friend Theresa asked if I wanted to meet up with her... so I said sure. With my fitness plan I am trying to keep up with it was strength day (which I did my body scuplt class in the morning) then a 2.5 mile run.... so instead of driving down to Moody Street, I just made it my run. 

It was kind of gross out yesterday... but actually nice running weather.. 

My destination 

Made it! 

It was a decent run. I had a backpack with me (which was a huge one) and that was really annoying. I felt like a 1st grader running to the buss and had to keep reminding myself  lying to myself that I did not look as dorky as I thought. I had to stop a few times for traffic but other that that it was decent... I It was funny I was trying to get to exactly 3.1 miles so I stopped and was literally right in front of Jocos!

Mile 1: 10:30
Mile 2: 9:51 
Mile 3: 11:19 (blahhh)

I am actually thinking about joining the November Project on Wednesday. The reason in which I have not done it is because they start at 6:30AM which is to late for me to get to work on time. BUT I follow them on instagram and they have a 5:30 crew... So I may get the boyfriend up to try and do that! 5AM wake up call! 

AH I get so motivated when I watch  this video.. 

People from Boston are just awesome.... I may be biased.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Till I Collapse

I am not sure about anyone else but I am 100% motivated by music when I am running. I was just using Pandora Hip Hop/Pop workout mix but now you have to pay for Pandora and my music would stopped mid workout saying I have to upgrade it... wahhhh?

During one run I had to result to my music on my iPhone because Spotify was not working... as much as I love Dispatch... not way to finish a mile when its 85 degrees out and you need the extra motivation! So the other day I created a workout mix.

Here are a few of my favorites...

I am kind of in love with Pitbull... its totally not an artist I would normally listen to either...

What are some of your favorites/artist to workout too?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This past weekend I attended a Saco trip and wow... is that fun!? For those who do not know Saco is a river in New Hampshire and Maine that you can canoe down and camp on various of beaches and campsites. We left at 6:30AM on Saturday and got home around 7:30pm on Sunday... and it was a wonderful way to end the summer!

I made so veggie burgers from Prevention RD... they were so good! I substituted oat flour for whole wheat flour because I did not have oat floar, which later someone who works in food science said I could have just but the oats I had in a food processor or blender to make the flour... genius will do that next time! BUT for my first time making homemade black bean burgers they were not bad!

getting ready...

Life is rough on Saco...

On Sunday I wore that sports swim bra from Athleta! Worked amazing... we actually had to paddle/pull the canoes a bunch on Saturday and I was one that had to so it held up! 

not sure what everyone was looking at here...


Some of the ladies on the trip!

Pretty much how we all felt at the end of the trip..

They do this trip around the same time every year and I am a firm believer its a great way to end the summer... Do you have anyways in which you like to say goodbye to summer?

Friday, August 23, 2013



I love Friday they are probably my favorite day of the week... even though I still have to go to work. Although I am tired today... which is good because I need to go to bed early tonight because we have SACO this weekend!

Anyway this week was good as far as workouts (gosh I cant even remember...)

Monday: Yoga Class

Tuesday: Ran outside  we paced an average of 11:14.

  • Mile 1: (including warm up) 12:38
  • Mile 2: 10:44 
  • Mile 3:10:04
  • Mile 4: (including cool down) 13:44
Wednesday: Treadmill run which includes warm up and cool down. 

Thursday: Weight lifting class in the morning/ run in evening. 

Its so much easier to push your self to go for a run at the end of the day when you have new workout gear! 

Run in the evening went actually really well even though it was hot outside! I ran 2.33 miles with an average pace of 9.57.  I didnt start run keeper until I started to run and stopped it right when I finished so these are my real numbers!
  • Mile 1: 9:50
  • Mile 2: 10:05 
  • Mile 3: 9:54
Ug. I have to pack tonight! I am so afraid I am going to forget something important. BUT I went to target on my lunch break and got a bunch of goodies for the trip including my favorite granola bar LUNA. YUM. I am making homemade veggie burgers tonight and bringing veggie kabobs as well! Have you forgot anything important on a camping trip? Please tell so I don't!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Power to the She

Ah. Athleta... this may be my new store of weakness... I pretty much love everything... but its so dang expensive too! I never understood spending full price on workout gear that's more than like 30 bucks.... you are just going to sweat in it.. sigh

I saw online that Athleta had swim suit sport bras... I am going to Saco Maine this weekend for a canoeing trip and thought one of these may be helpful. They were on sale online so I thought why not go in to the store today and look. Well when I got there the sale stuff was 50% off.. so of course I had to do more shopping right?

Well.. I found what I was looking for and so much more...

The Bra....

Price? Originally $54.00, on Sale for $34.99 and then 50% of sale... price I paid: $17.49.

Then I saw a running tank I had been wanting for awhile...I actually tried this one on a few months ago and I loved it so much I had the thought of buying it full price. Crazy it was the only one left in the store and it was in my size and the color I want....



Price...Originally $49.00, on sale for $39.49... purchase price: $19.74

I was questioning if I should buy this one but I really liked it so I said why not....

Price: Originally 39.00 on sale for 29.99... purchase price: $15.00

The last one I couldn't wait to put on...and this may be the bargain of the day

Originally 59.00 on sale for 22.99 and price I paid: 11.50.  

So total break down... all the merchandise I purchased was worth $201 and I got it for $63.73. I saved $137.27 ...Totally worth it right?

I loved my experience at this store. They also do Yoga lessons in the store as well where you can just show up. I believe its free. They have a Yoga Sculpt class coming up and I have been wanting to take a Yoga Sculpt class since I head about it from Fit Foodie Finds

I will be back!

What is your favorite store for running/yoga gear? I own nothing of LuLu Lemon,,, can you believe that?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Silver Scorcher

Ah this weekend was so much fun! This was actually suppose to be one weekend where Jon and I had free of plans but a few weeks ago we decided to go up to NY to see his family and run in the 5K his hometown was holding.... It was a really really fun time.

We didn't leave till after work on Friday so we didn't end up getting to Jon's family house to 11:00....

 BUT we still managed to get up bright and early for the race! I found this sign fun "A-Z" is that really necessary?

 This was a map of the 5K course... there was a 5K and 10K

Part of the 5K you ran through the woods... which I was meh about! Running on the grass really slowed me down but it was probably a good thing because I was going to need an extra push at the end!

We got near the end of the race and I looked down at run keeper and we were at 27 minutes and at mile 2.85... our goal was to complete a 5K in under 30 minutes.... and we just really needed to push ourselves to get there.. 

AND.... WE DID IT! Jon and I finished the race in 29 minutes and 28 seconds with and average pace of 9:29... in which we completed our goal of finishing a 5K in under 30 minutes.  

According to Run Keeper these were our splits 

Mile 1: 9:49 
Mile 2: 9:44
Mile 3: 8:56 (I had to idea I had this in me!!)
Mile 4 (.10 miles) 7:32

Jon's brother Joe and his wife Sarah ran the race with us as well!!

After we finished we got to enjoy some pancakes.....

And watch some of the other runners come in. Shortly after we finished our race some of the 10K people started to come in! The first one ran it in 34:21 minutes/seconds... that is unbelievable....

After we got home and showered we headed back the festival... I wish I took pictures of the food because it was so good! They had a lot of good veggie options which I was excited about because last year there was not much for those who do not eat meat. I mean I eat chicken and turkey but post of the pasta samplings were all made with ground beef which I do not eat. BUT this time I had a sample of chicken and greens, tortellini in an oil tomato sauce and some eggplant parm... so so good!

 Jess (Jon's brother) and her Fiance!!

Jon's brother Joe and his wife Sarah... Joe is so serious here!

Best beer ever... and you can not buy it in Massachusetts! How sad!

We got to play with Enzo as well... how cute?

We revisited the festival at night as well... it was fun!

Then on Sunday we made the 4 hour drive back home.... that part is never fun!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

Well this weeks workouts have been meh!

Monday I did Yoga. It was only my second Yoga class in person at my Gym, I had been doing the DVDs a lot. I been kind meh about going to the class at my gym because last time I went was a little to "gentle" for me. The class is called "gentle yoga" but it was a little slow paced for me, I feel like I didn't get much out of it.

I decided to try it again at my gym and there was a sub... she was good!!! Like wow... I was like these stretches feel really good.. and I could feel my body being like yea... I needed that stretch!

Tuesday I was back at the gym for a 3.0 mile run on the treadmill. Jon would not go with me because of softball (lame) so I don't have any splits but here was a recap including cool the average pace is a bit off

Wednesday morning I ran in the morning with Jon outside. I didn't take any pictures but this was our split time.....

Mile 1: 12:57 (including walking for warm up)
Mile 2: 11:16 
Mile 3: 10:29
Mile 4: 11:52 (Including walking for cool down)

Overall we did 3.10 miles in 35.52 minutes at an average pace of 11:32... aka we sucked. ha-ha.

On Thursday run my knee was hurting. I went to my strength class in the morning and was suppose to do a 2.0 mile run in the evening... but I didn't want to screw up my knee for a 5K we are running Saturday.  I was debating between swimming and doing runners yoga instead when I asked the the Facebook world what I should do... everyone said rest... which I was considering. BUT I had my swim suit already packed in my Gym bag and I seriously miss it so much because I haven't been. SO I decided to go for a swim... wow am I glad I did.. 

I was kind of in a shitty mood when I left work yesterday. I was driving home and got into some traffic on a back road...and I was like really annoyed. I knew I wasn't in a good place.... but seriously...  this is true... because it snapped me out of my funk!

I so believe this one as well.... 

And I think I have proof this is true. So last night I was watching Project Runway (LOVE THIS SHOW) and Jon was at softball. I heard a police siren really close to my house that didn't seem to be driving away but getting closer.. and I was like that's odd and shut and locked my door that opens to my screen door. About a half hour later I was like ugh... its hot! So I opened back the door up and a bit later I get a call from Jon... have you check your twitter? there is something going down in Waltham right now... He was about a mile away from our house at CVS and saw a bunch of cop/fire/and ambulances fly by... we learned that it was stabbing but had no other information other than it happened about 2 miles away. NOW I am anxiety prone... normally this would keep me up at night thinking this crazy person could be on the loose and going into other peoples houses (like my own) and doing this (I know I am crazy) but last night I was calm... I was like wow that's sad, but its probably an isolated incident. My mind was just in a different place and it felt good.. reason being why I need to just go swimming more....

Oh that Stabbing ended up being an isolated event and they caught the murder Jerry Remy son! Crazy...

Anyway swimming is something I definitely need to make more time for in my life... because remember...