Friday, August 2, 2013

Thursday Night's

Thursday nights during the summer are one of my favorite (but shh don't ever tell my boyfriend that). He is on a "modified speed pitch" softball team (aka fast pitch without being able to do the windmill). I don't know why but I love going to his games, and then getting a few drinks after with him, the team, and girlfriends/wifes who join!)  I normally keep the book but I did not last night..

Before I started working out in the morning because of this Thursdays would become an off day along with Friday, and I didn't like where this was going! Just because Jon is playing softball doesn't mean I should stop working out... so I changed it up yesterday and it felt good!

I finally got up for a body sculpt class at my gym and WOW am I hurting today!! Per Hal Higdon training programs I been following Thursday is suppose to be Strength and a short run. Well by 7:00AM I had the strength checked off... but I still needed to run.

So I did 2 miles around Jons softball field and watched him play when I ran! It felt quite good, because I so I was going to bail, but I did it!

The 2 miles took me 21 minutes and 4 seconds. Mile 1 took me 10:19 and Mile 2 took me 10:15.

My shoes are still gross from Color Me Rad! I was kind of hoping the rain would keep up so they would get a little wet and maybe some of the color would come out!

GO Swingers! (Yes Swingers is their softball team name. This is one of the very first things Jon told me when I first met him.... BUT its a good thing its based on the movie and not that they take to many swings or they are swingers in their free time ;) )

But they lost...

This is the owner of the leagues dog... he is adorable! He is such a park dog.

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