Friday, August 30, 2013

Better than Bed Time

First off HAPPY LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!

I have always wanted to join the November Project for one of their workouts... one time they had one called "Better than Bed Time" on a Sunday evening... which I could have done but we had something going on that weekend and I would have had to skip like grocery shopping, so I didnt.. but anyway... the "Better than Bed Time" was a 3.1 mile run to a bar & celebration... last night I did my own better than bed time.

The Patriots game was on (their last final season game) and my friend Theresa asked if I wanted to meet up with her... so I said sure. With my fitness plan I am trying to keep up with it was strength day (which I did my body scuplt class in the morning) then a 2.5 mile run.... so instead of driving down to Moody Street, I just made it my run. 

It was kind of gross out yesterday... but actually nice running weather.. 

My destination 

Made it! 

It was a decent run. I had a backpack with me (which was a huge one) and that was really annoying. I felt like a 1st grader running to the buss and had to keep reminding myself  lying to myself that I did not look as dorky as I thought. I had to stop a few times for traffic but other that that it was decent... I It was funny I was trying to get to exactly 3.1 miles so I stopped and was literally right in front of Jocos!

Mile 1: 10:30
Mile 2: 9:51 
Mile 3: 11:19 (blahhh)

I am actually thinking about joining the November Project on Wednesday. The reason in which I have not done it is because they start at 6:30AM which is to late for me to get to work on time. BUT I follow them on instagram and they have a 5:30 crew... So I may get the boyfriend up to try and do that! 5AM wake up call! 

AH I get so motivated when I watch  this video.. 

People from Boston are just awesome.... I may be biased.

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