Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

Well this weeks workouts have been meh!

Monday I did Yoga. It was only my second Yoga class in person at my Gym, I had been doing the DVDs a lot. I been kind meh about going to the class at my gym because last time I went was a little to "gentle" for me. The class is called "gentle yoga" but it was a little slow paced for me, I feel like I didn't get much out of it.

I decided to try it again at my gym and there was a sub... she was good!!! Like wow... I was like these stretches feel really good.. and I could feel my body being like yea... I needed that stretch!

Tuesday I was back at the gym for a 3.0 mile run on the treadmill. Jon would not go with me because of softball (lame) so I don't have any splits but here was a recap including cool the average pace is a bit off

Wednesday morning I ran in the morning with Jon outside. I didn't take any pictures but this was our split time.....

Mile 1: 12:57 (including walking for warm up)
Mile 2: 11:16 
Mile 3: 10:29
Mile 4: 11:52 (Including walking for cool down)

Overall we did 3.10 miles in 35.52 minutes at an average pace of 11:32... aka we sucked. ha-ha.

On Thursday run my knee was hurting. I went to my strength class in the morning and was suppose to do a 2.0 mile run in the evening... but I didn't want to screw up my knee for a 5K we are running Saturday.  I was debating between swimming and doing runners yoga instead when I asked the the Facebook world what I should do... everyone said rest... which I was considering. BUT I had my swim suit already packed in my Gym bag and I seriously miss it so much because I haven't been. SO I decided to go for a swim... wow am I glad I did.. 

I was kind of in a shitty mood when I left work yesterday. I was driving home and got into some traffic on a back road...and I was like really annoyed. I knew I wasn't in a good place.... but seriously...  this is true... because it snapped me out of my funk!

I so believe this one as well.... 

And I think I have proof this is true. So last night I was watching Project Runway (LOVE THIS SHOW) and Jon was at softball. I heard a police siren really close to my house that didn't seem to be driving away but getting closer.. and I was like that's odd and shut and locked my door that opens to my screen door. About a half hour later I was like ugh... its hot! So I opened back the door up and a bit later I get a call from Jon... have you check your twitter? there is something going down in Waltham right now... He was about a mile away from our house at CVS and saw a bunch of cop/fire/and ambulances fly by... we learned that it was stabbing but had no other information other than it happened about 2 miles away. NOW I am anxiety prone... normally this would keep me up at night thinking this crazy person could be on the loose and going into other peoples houses (like my own) and doing this (I know I am crazy) but last night I was calm... I was like wow that's sad, but its probably an isolated incident. My mind was just in a different place and it felt good.. reason being why I need to just go swimming more....

Oh that Stabbing ended up being an isolated event and they caught the murder Jerry Remy son! Crazy...

Anyway swimming is something I definitely need to make more time for in my life... because remember... 

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