Monday, August 12, 2013

Pig Roast's & Workouts

This weekend was a lot of fun! I actually worked out and stayed with my fitness plan and I had a lot of fun while I was at it...

Saturday morning I took that class that lady said to take! It was fun.. 

the instructor definitely helped you out with form techniques and she did fun things. At the beginning of the class she was like remember to take a paper plate... and I was like uhhh?? BUT it was really cool we used our legs to move the paper plates... one exercise was like ice skating. VERY COOL.. anyway I was still really wombley during the class so I still have some stuff to work on but it was fun!  

Then Saturday Jon's brother and his wife Sarah hosted Pig Roast... it was a really good time! 

 I did not take part in eating any of the pig... but from those who did I heard it was very good!

Enzo... he is so adorable!

Of course after swearing they would never play pool basketball again... they did! Last time they destroyed there figures and Joe ended up in Urgent care 24 hours later because he had an infection... boys will be boys.

We spent the night there and I had a cuddle buddy with me all night! He is adorable...

Later on on Sunday we  I ran for 3.50 miles. Jon was set to join me then after mile one he backed out because his knee hurt.... but he just sat at one of the seats looking over the Charles while I ran around him.... Seriously this may be my favorite place to run.... Here are a few pictures from my 3.50 mile run.

While I had an amazing view for my run my run stunk!! I felt like I was going so fast, but I had to stop a few times. In my head fall is coming and I forget its actually still hot out. Those black legging pants where a bad idea! I was dying by the end of my run...

These were my paces but I think they are a little on the low side (like I was going faster) because map my run has me cutting corners ect & I think I ran further after I mapped it out on Google Maps...

Mile 1: 12:18
Mile 2: 11:38
Mile 3: 11:59
Mile 4: 12:08

Completed 3.51 miles (maybe 3.85) in 42:03 minutes.

After we went and got some beers and watched the last of the Red Sox Game... Beer, Popcorn and Red Sox? Can't go wrong....

but also ma 

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  1. boys never learn, do they? at least you all had fun!!