Friday, August 9, 2013

Being at Zero

So with the fitness plan I am for a 10K Thursday mornings are strength days plus a 2 mile run. I have been taking this class at my gym the past two weeks and its been good. Yesterday morning someone in the class (who looks extremely fit) was asked if I ever took the Saturday morning class because the instructor is better with helping people with the form and that I needed some work. She said it in a nice constructive way and I didn't walk away offended or anything... but still felt a shot to my ego I guess. I feel like I been improve sense February when I started this whole thing and to hear that I am still at Zero per say kind of sucks! BUT I am going on Saturday and hopefully this instructor can help me out and give me some good pointers. It just is blah to hear ya know? AND I don't want to stop going on Thursdays because it really works out well for me! 

Anyway once I got back from work and before Jon's softball game I went for a 2 mile run! It was a pretty much straight back and forth but it was muggy as hell!!!

Notice how red I am.... 

I ran 2.28 miles in 23:40 minutes.(Average 10:22 pace per mile) 

Mile 1: 10:01 mins/mile (almost under 10 minutes getting there!!)
Mile 2: 10:41 mins/mile (had to wait for a red light, pandora stopped working and Run Keeper turned off, and the humidity got to me like woah! Bad 2nd mile. 
Mile 3: 10:27 mins/mile

Happy Friday! 

 BTW Starbucks offers all there coffees in ice now... I highly recommend the espresso roast for dark coffee lovers!

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  1. Consistency is key! Glad you took the girl's comment as constructive, but I am sure your not at zero! Keep at it!