Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Have Your Donuts... and Eat Them Too!

I cant believe its only Wednesday! I hope this hump day goes by fast.... I just want it to be weekend!

Anyway yesterday morning was a mess. My lovely boyfriend decided to bail out on my early morning run in the morning so I had to quickly pack a gym bag... when you have to quickly pack a gym bag its never a good thing. If I know I am going to the gym before work, I pack the night before... its goes a a lot more smoothly! I forgot flip flops for the shower, a bra, and a new pair of underwear. I remembered the flip flops on the treadmill but was like whatever just suck it up and go barefoot (gross I know) but I remembered I forgot the Bra and Underwear in the shower... EPIC fail. I had to drive back to my apartment then to work... ug.

Whats one thing you forget to bring to the gym? Underwear was the first for me!

The workout was good. I did 36.20 minutes and 3.29 miles. I hate when I end in an odd number, I was doing the math in my head and thought I was going stop at 3.30 but it did not get there! :

Pace including warm up and cool down was 11:01 on the treadmill. I was switching between 10:00 minute miles and 9.50 minute miles... improving!

This morning I made the boyfriend get up with me!

I am getting kind of bored with our root... we were going to try to get so we could drive to run around the Charles... but it was just not going to happen. 

This morning I did 3.24 miles in 37:49 minutes. 
Mile 1: 12: 46 (includes warm up)
Mile 2: 11:26 (just running)
Mile 3: 10:15 (just running)
Mile 4: 14:08 (cool down)

Yesterday I also picked up a new cookbook! I love cookbooks that are filled with healthy recipes... and this one my friends is. Its from Prevention RD and her recipes are just so good. They are like hearty recipes that are made with stuff good for you (i.e not using mayo and using healthy replacements!) Buy her Book Here. Something about Cookbooks and cooking just make me happy... like when you create a dish everyone loves it feels good! 

 Healthy recipe for DONUTS? Yum yes please. With this book you can have your Donuts and Eat them too! :)

Do you have a favorite Healthy Cookbook?

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