Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wake Up & Run

So of the past couple of weeks I have made a change in my life. As noted before while I am having SO much fun... it was almost too much fun because I didn't have time to get boring stuff done like chores. The weekends have been packed (with amazing stuff) and then during the work week I would working 8-5, drive home (45 minutes), go to the gym (an hour) and by the time I would get home and cook dinner we were eating at 8:30 ish, and there is no way anything was getting done after that.

So there as a time for a change, and I didn't want to stop having fun or working out. So I set my alarm for 5:15AM, only it snooze once! and then get my butt out of bed to go the gym or for a run.

This week Jon and I have been running outside for the past two days and its been so nice... here are a few picutures form my run this morning.

61 Degrees for a morning run? Can you get any more perfect than that? probably not!

We ran for 3.3 miles in 36 minutes for an average pace 11.07

Mile 1 in 12.29 minutes (includes warm up walk)
Mile 2 in 10.33 minutes (just running)
Mile 3: 10.13 minutes (just running)
Mile 4 (.3 miles) 10:54 minutes (includes cool down walk)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Workout, Eat, Wear

Ah so I know this post is late, I am going to try to make this my "Friday Post". BUT this is my Fitness/What to Eat/What to wear post for the week.  Maybe ill even start to do some pictures of outfits...

Eat: Three Cheese Skillet Lasagna from Iowa Girl Eats. I cheated on my "eat healthy" thing but when I saw this MY God did I have to make it.
Workout: Rested

Eat: Spaghetti Squash & Tortellini with Lemon Juice and Feta 
Workout: Rested (I was going to do Yoga but I go lazy... awesome Yoga DVD by the way)
Wear: Black Pants with new Target Peplum Shirt.

(Note: I have to admit I am not a fan of Peplum anything. BUT with the style being all loose fitting shirts these days I wanted something that would give me a bit more shape, I love the pattern on this one, and I was pleasantly surprised!)

Tuesday: 79 Degrees Sunny 
Eat: Buffalo Chicken Wraps in Crockpot
Workout: Ran 3.3 miles outside (the mornings are so beautiful, perfect temperature to run outside!)
Wear: Black and White polka dot dress from target

Wednesday: 81 Degrees and Sunny 
Eat: Farmers Market Skillet. I made this last week and it was SO good!

Workout: Run 3.1 miles (excluding cool down and warm up) outside!
Wear: Pink Pencil skirt with black and white stripped top?

Thursday: 80 with scatted Thunderstorms 
Eat: Left over Farmers Market Skillet 
Workout: Body sculpt class in the morning, 2 mile run in the afternoon
Wear: not sure...

Friday!!! 77 Degrees & Sunny
Eat: At Adrians getting ready for Ann's Shower!! so not sure!
Workout: Rest
Wear: not sure... maybe jeans?

Saturday: 81 and Sunny! *ANNS BABY SHOWER!**
Eat: What is served at the shower.
Workout: SWIM after I get home for 60 minutes. I seriously can not wait for this.
Wear: (Hopefully it comes in time...) Mint Dress from Deloom! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Color Me Rad: My First 5K

This past weekend I ran my first 5K! It was a lot of fun. We ran Color Me Rad Boston. I was kind of disappointed because they did not time the event, but my up bracelet had us finishing 3.3 miles in 32 minutes. So whatever that means? I think we are going to run another in a few weekends when we fist Jons family up in NY.

BUT here are some pictures of the event.. :)

Some before pictures...                                  



We finished!!!

My some of my best friends participated as well! It was fun having them there.

My friend Jess came and visited me this past weekend. By the time she decided too visit it was to late to sign up for the race, but they had some room for volunteers so she did that, and she will be participating in Color Me Rad in Albany! 

After the race Jess and I went out to Boston and walked around Copley and Newbury Street. After we got back we were exhausted but  relaxed a little bit and we still made it out... 

I may have a cool video for you tomorrow... but right now I HAVE to go get ready for the gym tomorrow morning!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Meal Planning

SO its been RIDICULOUSLY hot in New England the past couple days... this is pretty much what I feel like doing!

Hot outside

Anyway Happy Friday... I try to do my meal planning on Friday's so here we go....

I am a werido and I check the weather before I meal plan for each day, because I feel like the weather has a big effect on what I feel like eating that day.

Sunday- 79 Degrees, Partly Cloud.
                Eat: Stuffed Poblano Peppers
                 Workout: 5 Mile run OUTSIDE. 
Monday - 79 Degrees, Partly Cloud
                Eat:  Santa Fe Summer BBQ Pizza

                 Workout: Power Yoga in the AM

                 Wear: Floral Dress with Chambray top

Tuesday- 77 Degrees, Scattered Thunderstorms
                Eat: Buffalo Chic Tacos- Crockpot Style

                Workout: 3.5 Mile run in AM

                Wear: Kaki Pants with T shirt- Jean Jacket!?

Wednesday- 80 Degrees, Isolated Thunderstorms (Jon Golf)
                Eat: Lemon Chicken Pasta
                Workout: 3.5 Mile run in AM


Thursday- 77 Degrees, Isolated Thunderstorms (Jon Softball 6:00)
                Eat: Farmers Market Skillet
                Workout: body sculpt class in AM then 2 mile run PM.


Friday- 78 Degrees, Scattered Thunderstorms
                Eat: HAPPY HOUR/Jess Comes to visit! 
                Workout: REST


Saturday- 84 Degrees with scattered thunderstorms. 
                Workout: RACE DAY! COLOR ME RAD in the morning

                Bring Jess to Boston.?!?

Work Breakfast: Fage Plain Greek Yogurt with Blackberries (9) and Hemp Plus Granola 
Work Lunch: Veggie Hummus Wraps 

AS you can see next week is suppose to me amazing weather! I can't wait to get some early morning runs in outside.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Girls weekend

My girlfriends and I plan two weekends in a year where we make a pledge to all get together. Once during the summer and for the holidays...

The past two years for our beach get together it as rained... but we make the most of it anyways!

How did we do it this year? A trip to Ikea! I needed a rug for my living room and everyone else wanted to look around, it was two of my friends first experiences! Can you believe that!?

I found my rug!

And some really ugly lamps...

And some cute tables.. .

And I pretty much want to live in this room... 

Looked at some baby stuff for Ann...

And found this AMAZING work from home desk... can you imagine if that were your office?

We got to the beach a little bit on Saturday.. but it was chilly! So we just sat around in our sweatshirts and watched the waves roll in for about an hour or so... 

And did some yoga on the beach or attempted too! 

Then we made some fancy dinner plans...

I got goat cheese stuffed raviolis.. YUM

After the dinner... 

We can really eat and drink! 

Sunday morning was a BEACH day... So we got some beach time in before we all parted to get home and back to reality.. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summertime and the living is easy

Summer time and the living is easy... Kind of.

Summer to me is filled with fun stuff. Jon and I went on our first week long vacation, we have girls weekend, I am going on a saco river trip this summer, running in my first road race... so so so much fun stuff to do, which I am excited about but sometimes that can mean you miss a lot of workouts, and time to meal plan and time to clean your house, sometimes it can be stressful!

I had my girls weekend this weekend, which was so much fun. Two of my friends and I stayed up till 3am Saturday night drinking wine and talking. I was TIRED on Sunday. BUT I was happy because I ran 3 miles Saturday in the morning, I got a workout in even though I was busy!

My friend was dog sitting so we stayed at the condo in which she is staying at which was near the beach... we found this dog park in the morning so four of us took the pups to the park, while they walked in around I took a run.

I ran for 3.4 miles for a average of 10.0 minute/mile pace!! It felt great! I have been really improving my time lately, all of a sudden running is getting easier...

here are some pictures of the park

We found the cutest water fountain... they had a little water fountain at the base so the dogs could drink out of it... how cute is that?

After we treated ourselves to some Marylou coffee... I got the Almond flavor. WOW so good.... If we had these in Waltham I would be in trouble!

More fun pictures of girls weekend to come!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


IF you follow me on instagram you know that I was on Vacation last week. It was the first time I look a full weeks vacation in my career... and oh how I was disappointment to be home..

We started out the week in Wildwood, NJ and ended it in Philadelphia for a Phillies vs. Braves game, and some wings at one of my old favorite joints from when I lived there....

Here are a few snap shots from the trip!

Had to find the first Wawa in sigh... 

Wildwood NJ.... 

Were we spent most of our days.... 

We would go the the beach...

then we would get rained on... 

We ate alot of junk food but one night we found someplace that served us a decent meal.. my favorite vacation dinner? Swordfish. Yum.




Hotel In Philly (The Hyatt at the Bellevue).. This may have been one of my favorite hotels I have ever stayed at. We got a complimentary glass of wine when we came in. The hotel room was beautiful, clean, bed was amazing.  The complementary breakfast was amazing as well. To put the icing on the cake you get to use their gym facility which is fitness club in Center City Philadelphia. I swam in their pool and it was pretty awesome. Expect I had a really bad swim! I am used to swimming with all the older folks at my gym using the kick boards, the people at this gym where like the real deal! ha-ha and I had to share a lane, which I hate.

  Now it is pricey, I got my stay through this discount program rolled out at work just before I booked the vacation but I would recommend it! Oh and great location too..

Braves vs Phillies game (Go Phillies! ) I am an horrible girlfriend because Jon is a Braves fan... his birthday gift this year was the trip to Philly to see his first ever braves game! I was happy, Phillies won, but Jon was sad. He found it really cook to see Citizens Bank Park though. We want to take a beach vacation to south NJ again and go to Baltimore next year. My dream forever has been to visit Camden Yards for a Red Sox game.

Worlds best wings... and its a true story too.


How was your Fourth of July?