Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Workout, Eat, Wear

Ah so I know this post is late, I am going to try to make this my "Friday Post". BUT this is my Fitness/What to Eat/What to wear post for the week.  Maybe ill even start to do some pictures of outfits...

Eat: Three Cheese Skillet Lasagna from Iowa Girl Eats. I cheated on my "eat healthy" thing but when I saw this MY God did I have to make it.
Workout: Rested

Eat: Spaghetti Squash & Tortellini with Lemon Juice and Feta 
Workout: Rested (I was going to do Yoga but I go lazy... awesome Yoga DVD by the way)
Wear: Black Pants with new Target Peplum Shirt.

(Note: I have to admit I am not a fan of Peplum anything. BUT with the style being all loose fitting shirts these days I wanted something that would give me a bit more shape, I love the pattern on this one, and I was pleasantly surprised!)

Tuesday: 79 Degrees Sunny 
Eat: Buffalo Chicken Wraps in Crockpot
Workout: Ran 3.3 miles outside (the mornings are so beautiful, perfect temperature to run outside!)
Wear: Black and White polka dot dress from target

Wednesday: 81 Degrees and Sunny 
Eat: Farmers Market Skillet. I made this last week and it was SO good!

Workout: Run 3.1 miles (excluding cool down and warm up) outside!
Wear: Pink Pencil skirt with black and white stripped top?

Thursday: 80 with scatted Thunderstorms 
Eat: Left over Farmers Market Skillet 
Workout: Body sculpt class in the morning, 2 mile run in the afternoon
Wear: not sure...

Friday!!! 77 Degrees & Sunny
Eat: At Adrians getting ready for Ann's Shower!! so not sure!
Workout: Rest
Wear: not sure... maybe jeans?

Saturday: 81 and Sunny! *ANNS BABY SHOWER!**
Eat: What is served at the shower.
Workout: SWIM after I get home for 60 minutes. I seriously can not wait for this.
Wear: (Hopefully it comes in time...) Mint Dress from Deloom! 


  1. that lasagna sounds so yummy. i love quinoa, but have recently acquired a weird allergy to it...it literally makes me sick to my stomach. this is odd because i have been eating it for years. so i always get jealous when i see yummy foods with it in it!

    1. The Lasagna was really yummy! And that stinksssssssss about Quinoa... I would be pretty sad. Have you tried both red and white?