Friday, July 19, 2013

Meal Planning

SO its been RIDICULOUSLY hot in New England the past couple days... this is pretty much what I feel like doing!

Hot outside

Anyway Happy Friday... I try to do my meal planning on Friday's so here we go....

I am a werido and I check the weather before I meal plan for each day, because I feel like the weather has a big effect on what I feel like eating that day.

Sunday- 79 Degrees, Partly Cloud.
                Eat: Stuffed Poblano Peppers
                 Workout: 5 Mile run OUTSIDE. 
Monday - 79 Degrees, Partly Cloud
                Eat:  Santa Fe Summer BBQ Pizza

                 Workout: Power Yoga in the AM

                 Wear: Floral Dress with Chambray top

Tuesday- 77 Degrees, Scattered Thunderstorms
                Eat: Buffalo Chic Tacos- Crockpot Style

                Workout: 3.5 Mile run in AM

                Wear: Kaki Pants with T shirt- Jean Jacket!?

Wednesday- 80 Degrees, Isolated Thunderstorms (Jon Golf)
                Eat: Lemon Chicken Pasta
                Workout: 3.5 Mile run in AM


Thursday- 77 Degrees, Isolated Thunderstorms (Jon Softball 6:00)
                Eat: Farmers Market Skillet
                Workout: body sculpt class in AM then 2 mile run PM.


Friday- 78 Degrees, Scattered Thunderstorms
                Eat: HAPPY HOUR/Jess Comes to visit! 
                Workout: REST


Saturday- 84 Degrees with scattered thunderstorms. 
                Workout: RACE DAY! COLOR ME RAD in the morning

                Bring Jess to Boston.?!?

Work Breakfast: Fage Plain Greek Yogurt with Blackberries (9) and Hemp Plus Granola 
Work Lunch: Veggie Hummus Wraps 

AS you can see next week is suppose to me amazing weather! I can't wait to get some early morning runs in outside.

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