Monday, July 15, 2013

Summertime and the living is easy

Summer time and the living is easy... Kind of.

Summer to me is filled with fun stuff. Jon and I went on our first week long vacation, we have girls weekend, I am going on a saco river trip this summer, running in my first road race... so so so much fun stuff to do, which I am excited about but sometimes that can mean you miss a lot of workouts, and time to meal plan and time to clean your house, sometimes it can be stressful!

I had my girls weekend this weekend, which was so much fun. Two of my friends and I stayed up till 3am Saturday night drinking wine and talking. I was TIRED on Sunday. BUT I was happy because I ran 3 miles Saturday in the morning, I got a workout in even though I was busy!

My friend was dog sitting so we stayed at the condo in which she is staying at which was near the beach... we found this dog park in the morning so four of us took the pups to the park, while they walked in around I took a run.

I ran for 3.4 miles for a average of 10.0 minute/mile pace!! It felt great! I have been really improving my time lately, all of a sudden running is getting easier...

here are some pictures of the park

We found the cutest water fountain... they had a little water fountain at the base so the dogs could drink out of it... how cute is that?

After we treated ourselves to some Marylou coffee... I got the Almond flavor. WOW so good.... If we had these in Waltham I would be in trouble!

More fun pictures of girls weekend to come!

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