Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wake Up & Run

So of the past couple of weeks I have made a change in my life. As noted before while I am having SO much fun... it was almost too much fun because I didn't have time to get boring stuff done like chores. The weekends have been packed (with amazing stuff) and then during the work week I would working 8-5, drive home (45 minutes), go to the gym (an hour) and by the time I would get home and cook dinner we were eating at 8:30 ish, and there is no way anything was getting done after that.

So there as a time for a change, and I didn't want to stop having fun or working out. So I set my alarm for 5:15AM, only it snooze once! and then get my butt out of bed to go the gym or for a run.

This week Jon and I have been running outside for the past two days and its been so nice... here are a few picutures form my run this morning.

61 Degrees for a morning run? Can you get any more perfect than that? probably not!

We ran for 3.3 miles in 36 minutes for an average pace 11.07

Mile 1 in 12.29 minutes (includes warm up walk)
Mile 2 in 10.33 minutes (just running)
Mile 3: 10.13 minutes (just running)
Mile 4 (.3 miles) 10:54 minutes (includes cool down walk)


  1. gorgeous pictures!! looks like a perfect day for a run!

    1. Thanks! Its been amazing in new england in the mornings. You can tell Fall is on its way! :)