Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend & Paddle Boarding

This past Labor Day weekend we FINALLY had a weekend at home with no plans... it was so strange on Friday night to go to bed in my own bed and not set an alarm... I felt like I must have been forgetting about something....

Although I did pretty much nothing on my checklist of things to do this weekend, it was still an amazing weekend.

Saturday Jon and I went Stand up paddle boarding and it was so much fun. We went to the Newton/Nahanton Park Location which as a good time. I liked the views, but would love to try one of the Boston locations and have the city as my view... but we didn't fall it once! I had a very close call and ended up falling but on my board.

On Sunday we were lazy asses all day and then I went for a run at the gym. I really wanted to go outside but it was SO humid this weekend... it was gross. I actually had to keep asking Jon if he was hot... I thought I was coming down with the flu or something because every night I woke up sweaty and would just get sweaty sitting down. Yuck!

The run as okay- I kept having to slow down and walk for a bit because I got a major cramp! Its been awhile sense the last time I got one and damn.. those can hurt. I wanted to stop at 3 miles but I keep on going!

Later on on Sunday evening Jon and I went and met up with a friend I met when I was down living in Philadelphia! It was good to see her, we got chocolate martinis at Max Brenner. I didnt take any pictures but the chocolate martini was SO GOOD and Max Brenner was adorable. Jon and I rarely make our way out to Boston so after my friend left we went to Whiskey Priest and got some October Fest... It was September 1st so it was officially October Fest season!

Jon and I really need to make it into the city more often. I am a fan of the Copley area.

Monday we went to Target and Best Buy... which was successful but wow..it was a mad house! The Target next to us is the only one for like suburbs of Boston West... (Newton, Watertown, Waltham, Brighton) so it was crazyness...

How was your weekend?!!?

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