Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday Funday's

This weekend was really nice. Jon had a "guys day" Saturday. I HATE sleeping without him at the place so I offered to drive him there and pick him up so he could have fun and not worry about driving... which in the end none of them drank basically at all because they were to busy trying to fit all their sports in.  ha-ha o well.

Anyway Saturday I took my body sculpt class.. and the instructor was so good. Walking isn't the easiest thing to do today but its all in good fun. Muscles hurt that I didn't even know I worked out! After that I came back and drove Jon to his brothers then went to one of my favorite places in the world.. legacy place! 

I wasn't really in the mood to buy anything which was good... but I scored these two things at loft for a total of $36 bucks. The skirt was $32 and yes the dress for $4 bucks!  Its nothing special but who can not use a nice white dress... 

My goal was to find a patriots jersey which I could not find... and go to Whole Foods. The Whole Foods at legacy place is pretty epic. I went to get some body wash and an ice coffee with Almond Milk. SO GOOD!

Sunday was such a beautiful morning. I was up early for a run!

I just love being able to run around the Charles River. This time I ran around the Waltham Commons as well. There is just always so many people around Waltham running, biking  and always something going on in the Waltham Commons. I love that town, its going to be really hard to get me out of there...

Anyway my run was really good! Sunday's are my "long run days" and I got 4.60 miles in... I was only suppose to do 4 miles but I had some more of the trail left so I thought mind as well finish it. 

Pace was as following 
Mile 1: 9:51 
Mile 2: 9:58 
Mile 3: 9:56 
Mile 4: 10:01 
Mile 5 (0.60 miles) I got done in about 5:30 seconds. 

The rest of my Sunday was followed by grocery shopping. watching the Patriots (which was a pretty terrible game)  taking a nap and watching Bar Rescue and Breaking Amish. I love Sundays. 

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