Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Treadmill Tuesday.

This morning I decided I am going to try to post every single workout.... I may not have a lot to say each day but at least I get it recorded. Especially treadmill workouts, there are just a bunch of pictures on my phone so I would like them to mean something (know the date in which I ran). So we will see how this goes.

So without further adieu.. This morning I ran a 5K on the treadmill and walked about .40 miles. When I work out in the treadmill I start off with a .10 mile walk then run to 3.2 miles and then do the full cooldown which gets me to around 3.5 miles.  I always hate seeing my pace because its so high when I really ran the entire time between 9:10- 8:45 miles... but it is what it is.

This morning was my first morning in after two weeks of going to the gym before work. I had a little vacation time. I honestly forgot how good that feels to get a run in before going to work. Definitely excited to do it again tomorrow. 

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