Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tigers are not for me

Monday Night

I keep telling myself I need to go to Yoga on Monday nights. The Yoga class at my gym is so so. Its called "Gentle Yoga" and its a little to much "gentle" for me. BUT the thing is its on Monday's so it falls into my schedule, and its free... so I am trying to make myself like it. I went last night and it was alright. I definitely felt a good stretch in some places. BUT she did this thing called the Tiger Pose? Where they scrunched our faces like a Tiger and make our fist like one and went "roar"... that so much is not my style... I rather be doing a plank... especially when there is Basketball being played and 20-30 something year old men are walking by... ha-ha and I know some of them. Oh awkward Gym moments.

Also I am a morning Gym person... last night I saw the full on "new years resolution's" people as I pulled into the parking lot for my Gym.... its like... where did all these people come from?!?


I have a tendency to always want to go 100% when I run. So this morning I tried a "shake out run" I ran at a lower pace then normal and didn't try my to run as fast as I could. The entire time my legs felt like lead and I blamed it on running 6.2 miles on Sunday. Then I realized that I had put the incline on to 1%... I am so not used to that yet! BUT I feel like if I am going to do some half Marathon Training on the treadmill it should be with an incline. 

Anyway this was my workout with a cool down and warm up...


So I am not a big Salad person at all... I am not really sure why. BUT I enjoy veggies much more in a wrap or sandwich.  BUT I was shopping at Trader Joe's on Sunday and I knew I was not going to have a lunch for Monday so I picked up their Super Spinach Salad. SO GOOD! I need to make this at home when summer rolls around and its too hot to actually cook.

Also last week I got in the male The Runners World Cookbook... AMAZING

Last night I made the Chicken- Mango Fajitas that was a recipe from the book.  They were so good... and boyfriend approved.... even with the Mango! :)  

I will end with a funny conversation I had with my boyfriend last night 

Me: Can you pick up a soft Avocado on your way home?
Jon: What do you mean by soft
Me: Touch the top... if it gives a little then its good. 
Jon: Where are the Avocados?
Me: Produce section 
Jon: Okay... I don't even know what an Avocado looks like.... 

Sigh...Men ha-ha but you have to laugh! 

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