Friday, January 31, 2014

Finish Strong

So its January 31st and I already signed up for 3 races for the spring. The big one obviously being the Half Marathon on April 6.

Other ones I have signed up for? The Saint Patty's Day race on March 15 2014.  My friend Kensie (who is running the half marathon with me) and Ann are running with me. I am secretly, well not so much of a secret now, really excited for this race. I have been waiting to do "holiday" race for awhile now, and the bar crawl after sounds fun. I probably won't be staying up there for the whole day... but I am really looking forward to this. Oh. Its a 10K. which I think is going to end up being my favorite distance for a race. Challenging, but not insane.

The other one I signed up for.?

Watertown Police Finish Strong 5K

When I saw this i didn't even have to think about it...its on April 19th, which marks the one year anniversary from the Boston Marathon suspects were captured in Watertown. The Watertown Police Department is hosting a 5k that day in Watertown. I live in Waltham which is the next town over. The Waltham and Watertown communities are very close, I believe probably rivals in high school sports. A lot of people I hang out with grew up/live in Watertown. I am not sure I will ever forget how I felt that day. The incident happened about 6 miles away from my apartment. Which its a good distance...but I was still on edge that day. We were in lock down and it was the first beautiful day of spring. If I remember correctly I think it was around 70 degrees but I remember it was windy that day.  I remember at one point the wind knocked over our trash can, Jon was asleep on the couch, and I went outside to pick it up. I thought to myself... say if he knocked it down so I would come outside? My next thought was how sad it was I actually was scared in my own home. Well when the police told us we could leave our houses I wanted out of Waltham ASAP. We planned to go meet up with his brother in Framingham for some dinner and drinks, but as we were getting ready the news came on saying they were about to capture the brother. Jon and I at that point decided to stay in Waltham, we went to a restaurant/bar that is about 2 miles away from our apartment and watched it all unfold there. The days to follow where definitely different. The mall which was on the news was the one I go to pretty much every single weekend... which I went to the following Saturday or Sunday. To get to that mall from my apartment you drive past the Watertown Police department, where there were "Watertown Strong" signs and teddy bears outside the police station. A year later I am looking forward to this event that the Watertown Police Department is putting together. If you live around the area... you should sign up too.

Here are a few pictures I have taken around town...

During the Bruins playoffs I wore my Boston Strong shirt under my jersey for ever single playoff game....

Jon and I went for a run/hike in Prospect Hill Park... Boston in the background. Such a pretty park!

Just do it.. sign up!

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  1. i have always wanted to do a holiday race, too. good for you for signing up for them all!