Monday, January 13, 2014

So It Begins...

This weekend was a good one, the Patriots won on Saturday night... woohoo! Now we face the Broncos which I am nervous about. Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady. Should be good!

Anyway Saturday morning I had my body sculpt class, she is so good! There were 32 people in the class last week... there were people following her from the hallway. It was nuts. 

Sunday Morning I went for a 6.2 Mile run with my friend Kensie. It was such a good day for an out door run, although a bit windy. 

The views were so pretty though! I missed running this route... it felt good to be back!

I forgot my running watch which I was so disappointed but I used my Run Keeper instead...

Miles: 6.20
Time:  57:29
Pace Per Mile: 9:17
Calories: 551 

Mile 1: 8:44
Mile 2: 9:34
Mile 3: 9:44 
Mile 4: 9:17 
Mile 5: 8:49 
Mile 6: 9:28 
Mile 7 (.20 Miles): at a 9:32 pace. 

I am looking forward to getting back out there next weekend! :) It feels so good to be able to run outside. Also Half Marathon Training officially begins! 

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