Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Embracing it!

Last week I was really feeling down... I missed running outside. I was looking at pictures from my spring/summer/fall runs and thought about how lucky I had it then! This weekend I was determined to make the most of it. So I went for a run Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday we had an unsuspected snow storm... we were barely suppose to get a dusting but we got a lot more!  It was fine in the morning went I went to my body sculpt class but by like noon it was full out snowing. Anyway... I went to friends house Thursday evening so still owed my 2 miles for training so I told myself I would do that Saturday because I take my class that day as well and when I went out to run this is what I found.. 

Yeah... It was a little snowy! I was wearing my more stable running shoes as well. My other running shoes are like a minimalist shoe.. which I love! BUT not for these conditions they are cold and wet!

and yes I am very pink! Its funny I am not at all a "pink girl".  I hate, hate, hate pink Boston sports fan gear. BUT running? I love it! Not sure why. This new athleta jacket is also amazing. It has that pattern on the sleeves in the back but much larger. The best part? The patterns are reflectors. Score. Thanks mom for the gift card! :) 

Slow.. but actually kind of fun!

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