Thursday, January 9, 2014

Its coming...

Today was my body sculpting class in the morning. It was good. Our normal teacher wasn't there so we had a sub. She was awesome. Apparently the sound system for the aerobic studio is broken (has been for weeks)... and also she was late (its so cold her car doors were frozen) and had to do the class without any music (surprise!). You would think that would have sucked... but she actually handled it really well.

I feel like I did not do as many reps as normal but I felt like I learned a lot of stuff how to fix my form and new ways to workout. So overall it was really nice. BUT I kind missed leaving all sweaty!

I may go for a 2 mile run tonight on the treadmill or do a yoga sculpt class at my work... we shall see!! The boyfriend opted out of a morning workout so he will be not home anyway.

Although I am excited for tonight's dinner! I am making a homemade pesto sauce with Kale and Almonds inspired by Fanneastic Food! I am going to have to lighten it up a bit because I want to put it on Pasta.... but pesto and pasta may be my most favorite meal so I am pumped!

Also this is my last week before training.... yikes! Its coming.

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  1. dinner sounds yummy!! and that's great that she handled the class so well!