Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Best Game Ever.

For Christmas/Birthdays ect. Jon and I normally buy each other tickets to a sporting event because we are both huge sports fans.  Well I bought him Duke vs Syracuse tickets. Funny Story: He bought be Bruins vs Oilers tickets for the homecoming of my favorite player (Andrew Ference) for the same day. The Duke vs Syracuse was the bigger of the games, so we went that that one....

Friday night we drove up to his parents house which is about 45 minutes away from Syracuse. On Saturday morning before we made it into Syracuse I went for a 6 mile run around his town. Now this picture is what you call running with a view...

My route was hilarious because I had no idea where I was going... I just started running down certain streets to see where they would take me. I had map my run up on my phone so I had a map. I only almost go lost once.

The important thing is I stopped where I started, Jon's home.

Despite having no idea where I was going.. it was actually a really good run.

Pace per mile... 

Mile 1: 9:24
Mile 2: 8:56 
Mile 3: 10:22 *Major Hill*
Mile 4: 8:49 
Mile 5: 9:03 
Mile 6: 8:50 
Mile 7 (0.31): 9:10

When we got to syracuse we checked in the hotel and walked over to Tully's . Only bar that I could find in Syracuse with the NHL Center Ice. Relationships are all about compromises like being able to watch the Bruins game on TV before we headed down to the Carrier Dome.

 Another funny story about this. As we were walking out of the hotel to go watch the Bruins this guy said to Jon "great shirt!!".  He then asked us if we were headed down to the dome/bars. We told them we were actually headed to Tully's because the have Center Ice package and told them about how we were from MA and were suppose to go to this game. They were actually from MA too and they asked their friends to go the Cuse game with them but said no to go the Bruins game to see Andrew Ference instead. Seriously this convo is in true Jon and I fashion when we go places, we always meet the most random people we have connections with. It would have been more true Jon and I fashion if we saw them out after the game and hung out with them. That kind of stuff seems to always happen to us. 

From Tully's we took a cab to the Carrier Dome. The bars near the dome were packed with lines... we eventually got into one and hung out a little before the game.   I didn't get many pictures because its my iPhones job just to die so I had to keep it off the majority of the time so we would have some juice left to call a cab to bring us back to the hotel.... 

The game was great... went into over time with Duke scoring a 3 pointer right as the buzzer went off, but Cuse ended up winning in the end.  Coach Boeheim said it was the best game that has ever been played at the Dome.  (Oh and the kid sitting next to us? From Wayland, which is the town over from which we live. Seriously. Small World. )

I will not understand the "Duke vs Syracuse rivalry". To me you have to play each other in a couple of heartbreaking losses/awesome wins to be considered a rival or just find their team is always filled with punks. To me true rivals are the Red Sox vs Yankees, Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays (they are punks, I actually hate them more then the Yanks), Bruins vs Montreal, Bruins vs Vancouver  and so on. But these crazy college fans seem to think you the "rivalry has begun" with Duke vs Cuse in only playing a single game. I will never understand it, but I will tell you, it does make for a good time. 

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  1. i love that you get each other tickets. and yes, i imagine you get to meet some pretty fun people! and sometimes my favorite runs are the ones where i have no idea where i am...kind of a new adventure!