Friday, February 21, 2014

Trying Something New: Hills.

This week’s workouts were about not over doing it and getting to feeling better. Which to say, aside from a small lingering cough, I am feeling better.  Actually to my surprise I felt like running actually helped my cold.

Monday: Yoga Fit.

Tuesday: Treadmill Run.
Distance: 3.51 Miles
Climbed: 84 Feet
Average Pace: 10:09/ Mile
Calories Burned: 260
Time Elapsed: 33:42

When I post my runs on the treadmill they include a .10 mile warm up and then the cool down at the end which ends up being around .30 miles. Unfortunately the pace is including those as well. That’s why my pace is so high normally.

Wednesday: Treadmill Run
Distance: 4.29 Miles
Climbed: 108 feet
Average Pace: 9:45/ Mile
Calories Burned: 365
Elapsed Time: 41:55

Thursday: Body Sculpt Class in the AM

Thursday: Hill Training.
So I have read a few blogs about this half marathon I am running and they all alluded to the hills. Well Kensie and I have not been running hills on our long run so I know that I needed to get started with that.  I found this running group on Meet Up in Waltham and met up with them to run some hills at one of the colleges. I must say that has been one of my most enjoyable runs I have had for awhile! I think for a number of reasons, first off the weather was nice... I think it was probably in the low 40’s and high 30’s last night. It was so nice out that day I had my windows rolled down while driving... 

Also it’s been so long sense I have run a shorter distance outside. Longer distance runs are fun and all, but I have missed the short and sweet runs outside. I been avoiding outside well because, its dark. BUT running on the campus I didn't even really think about it. I was also wearing extremely bright running gear... 

Bright enough? I kind of remind myself of a neon watermelon. 

One other reason I think it was so nice is because the hills were actually pretty easy to maintain. Where I normally run the hills are ridiculously hard because of the angle they are. Seriously they go like straight up, but these hills were big, but a lot longer instead of straight up. I really enjoyed the challenge without being overly tired.  I must say I will be back for this, it was a lot of fun!

Also just the group was just really enjoyable. They were all sorts of levels of runners there and I found myself at least for that run someplace in the middle (they were running a half this weekend so I think some of them were taking it easy....).  Just running with people makes the world of a difference. I don't have many friends that are into running, especially that live around me (aside from Kensie on the weekends) So finding some people in town who like to run was a great experience! :) 

Anyway here were the stats for this run: 

Distance: 3.36 miles
Time: 31. 12
Average Pace: 9:17 Seconds
Calories Burned: 297
Elevation Gain: 255 feet.

Mile 1: 9:27 Min/Mile
Mile 2:  9:16 Min/Mile
Mile 3 9:05 Min/Mile
Mile 4 (.35): 9:23 Min/Mile

Friday Rest! Starbucks, and Happy Hour. 

Have a good weekend! 

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