Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bobby Orr: My Story

Last night I just finished Bobby Orr; My Story. I started with about a week or so until the Olympics to give myself a Bruins fix when they were taking a few weeks off due to the Olympics.  

I must say the Olympics were just not doing it for me this year. I mean in all honesty it was for all selfish reasons.

1. The Time Difference, even watching some of the events that I didn't know the outcome, just wasn't as exciting as watching a live game. 

2.  USA Hockey didn't even medal. Which was predicted they were not going to, but after the Russia game everyone options started to change because they looked really good... not so much. 

There also has been a lot of controversy over if NHL Hockey players should be able to participate in the Olympics, not from the Olympics side of things, but from the NHL and the owners. The NHL owners see this as at time in which they are not filling their stadiums with fans (aka money) and that their players could get hurt while not playing for their team. Its a tough one for me. Personally I love to watch Bergeron playing in the Olympics and seeing Chara carry out the flag for Slovakia as pretty awesome as well. BUT if Chara or Bergeron got season ending injuries while playing over in Russia and were not able to compete in the race for the cup, then I would not be so happy with the NHL players playing in the Olympics any more. This did happen to John Tavares of the Islanders. He teared an MCL and meniscus in his knee. He is the Islanders star player, and out for the year. Now Islanders most likely not going to make a playoff run but knee injuries in hockey players are a really hard injury to ever come back 100%. Hopefully Tavares can come back, but that is one the reasons in which I agree with ownership, you don't want to see that happen to a player. 

Anyway... enough on that rant. The Book. Yes, it was very good if you are a hockey fan.  The start of the book is about his childhood growing up and the book goes through his career as a Bruin. I wont talk about everything that I learned in the book because I don't want to ruin it, but it was very fascinating learning about how he got drafted by the Bruins! 

The end of the book ends with his options on the game today, which I found very interesting. One example his he talks about fighting in the NHL which I am a proponent of and so is he. Again I won't go to why he is for fighting in Hockey, but it made me realize the real importance of fighting in hockey, and the importance of people like Shawn Thornton on the Bruins. The book definitely helped me learn a a lot about the game and the history. This book makes your respect the game of hockey and the players it brings up. Hockey players are a different bread then any of the other four major league sports in America, that is for sure. 

The writing is definitely a different writing style. He is a very humble man and shows through in his writing for sure. He does not go into full detail of any of the accomplishments that he has, which at points leaves you wanting for more. Aside from that the book reads well. I was never fortunate to get to see Bobby Orr play because he was retired when I was 2 years old, but it made me jealous I was not a hockey fan back in those days.

Anyway if you are a Hockey fan and a Bruin Fan, I highly recommenced this book! I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5. 

Now onto Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Oh. and Bruins Hockey is back tonight! GO BRUINS!


  1. My dad is reading his book right now! He also mentioned about fighting in the sport and I was surprised to find out why they do it! I'm a proponent as well. :-)

    I would love to meet Bobby Orr. He would complete my trifecta as I have already met Cam Neely and Ray Bourque. I love the classic Bruins. :-)

    1. Wow that awesome you have met Cam Neely and Ray Bourque! :) It really was a good read!

  2. Good review! Hockey players are a special type. Gotta be TOUGH to play that game.