Monday, March 3, 2014

Tour of Waltham

I decided to do my longer run on Saturday this morning starting at 8:30. For a couple of reasons. 1. I thought it was going to be warmer (turns out I was wrong, Sunday was like beautiful) According to garmin it was a whopping 12 degrees out for my run.  2. Jon and I were going into Boston Saturday to watch the Bruins and the Cuse game and hang out with some people, so I wanted Sunday to rest up.

Anyway the 9 miles went fairly well. I still felt like crap starting mile 9. At this point I think its all just in my head, every weekend now will be a running record of longest run. Next weekend? 10. I am pretty pumped about that one.

For my run I decided to take a little tour of Waltham. Although I was so disappointed where I came across one of my favorite places to run and it was not plowed, like at all. I tried to go down the path a little to see if it would clear up, but no such luck. It was still a pretty run with no views.

Waltham Common...

Eventually the Charles river will not be frozen over.... eventually.

The stats...

Mile/ Pace: 
Mile 1: 9:22 
Mile 2: 9:04 
Mile 3: 8:47 
Mile 4: 9:11 
Mile 5: 9:09 
Mile 6: 9:51 
Mile 7: 9:25
Mile 8: 9:29 
Mile 9: 10:07 (walking & running due to running stitch and ice. I am so mad at myself I missed being all under 10:00 minute pace by 7 seconds!!) SO CLOSE. SO CLOSE.  Although the last few miles were all up hill. So I will give myself a little break. 
Mile 10: (.20 miles): 

I really like this chart...

So running goals and questions I have to get answered for myself during my next long run. 

1. Running stitches, where are you coming from, because it hurts! Always the last mile on my long runs. I think its because I have eaten before the last two runs. Although I feel like I should before burning 800 calories plus by running so many miles. Theory. To be tested. So far waffles and toast with almond butter and 1/2 of a banana are ruled out. I also may want to think of fueling during my run? Or having water on me?

2. Running shoes, I have a pair of probably two shoes. One is tight sturdy pair. I have been wearing thiese because they are better on the ice and snow that has been around for the majority of my training. However they are not my favorite pair which are my minimalist shoes. Are minimalist shoes okay for longer runs? I am not going have to do some research. 

3.  Goal: all miles to be under 10:00 with an average pace of under 9:20. I can do this. 

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