Wednesday, March 5, 2014


While training I felt that Yoga needed to be a part of it. In the training plans I follow Monday's are strength and stretch days. With that being said I am not much of a "Yogi" at all. The worst part of it for me is the nap time at the end. I am not one who can just lie there and find that yoga mediation thing. BUT I believe that some yoga can be really challenging workout, and also really good stretch for Runners.

Back in the day when I was training for my 10K I went to a Yoga for Runners class in a sounding town and I LOVED IT. It was one of the best yoga classes I had taken. BUT unfortunately I never went back. It was at 7:30 about 20 minutes away, so logistically it was kind of a pain. When Half Marathon training started, I was going to suck up the shitty logistics and just sign up for 10 class pass or something. BUT the class was no longer being taught. Bummer.

Then I went to my gyms "gentle yoga" held on Monday nights. That was a bore for me. Gentle yoga and me are not meant to be.

Around the same time people at work all pitched in to do yoga after work. I did these classes for a few months, and they were great, but I couldn't commit to doing them 2 days a week, which was the offering. I live 45 minutes away from work. The class ended around 6:30 after all was said and done. Getting home late 2 days of week were just blah. Got in the way of cooking a decent meal at home, and way to easy to say "lets just order out" if I did that.

So I found myself on groupon and I found Waltham Yoga, which is a grand total of 7 minutes away from my house. I took the Vinyasa Flow-heated. We did did some core work, I was sweating, it was great.  It also felt great the stretching moves. Although the Pigeon Pose will never be nice to any runner, ever.

The instructor made it better, she had me laughing. She took it seriously but made it fun.

Anyway I am happy to report I found a yoga class I really like!

Also side note. I  tried to calculate "calories burned" and I kept getting like 400-600. Which seems very high. but maybe?

They also offer heated power yoga on Friday mornings... that kind of intrigues me....

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  1. I am totally new to Yoga this year. Only started doing it because of PT and the stretching seemed like a good idea. I totally agree with you about the pigeon pose! LOL I would LOVE a heated yoga class.