Monday, March 17, 2014

Green Stride 10K Race Recap

Ah its been awhile...  This weekend was awesome. Well Saturday, the weather was so nice, and involved a 10K and some beach bars. Can't really go wrong with that!

First the boring stuff... I am still inside training on the treadmill so its not exactly interesting. Last week my workouts went as followed:

Sunday: Rest: Ug after I moved my long runs to Saturdays I been using Sunday as a rest day. This past Sunday I actually got my ass to the gym for a swim. I think I like this schedule for the next few weeks leading up to the half marathon. Long Run Saturday, Swim Sunday and then Yoga Monday.

Monday: Yoga:

Tuesday: 3.51 Miles including warm up and cool down in 34 minutes.... Climbed: 168 feet at an average of 9.59 pace.

Wednesday: 5.00 Mile run in 46:52 with an 9:22 pace. Climbed 671 feet and burned 434 Calories. (I been using the hill interval training on the treadmill a lot more. The trail for the half is suppose to be hilly, so I figured its good for me, also keeps things interesting...)

Thursday: Body Sculpt class + 3.51 Mile run in 34 minutes with a 9:43 pace, 260 feet climbed and 284 calories burned.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10K Race!

This past weekend my friends Ann and Kensie and my boyfriend Jon signed up for the Green Stride 5K/10K St. Patty's Day race. It was so much fun!  Ann and Jon did the 5K race and Kensie and I did the 10K race. The course was really flat, pretty much no hills. However... the wind was nuts! The first half wasn't that bad and then when you turned the corner it was like hitting a wall.

Pre race... I need to learn how but my bib on straight! ha-ha

Ann got this picture... I thought it was pretty cool... 

I think as normal I got different times for on my watch then the race had. My watch was off about .20 miles the whole time. So when I finished I jogged out .20 miles so it would record as a 10K on garmin. Anyway here where the results on both... 

My splits on my watch were as following: 
Mile 1: 8:03 m
Mile 2: 8:06 m
Mile 3: 8:01 m
Mile 4: 7:51 m
Mile 5: 8:29 m
Mile 6: 8:08 m
Mile 7 (.20 miles): 8:40

I won first in my age group so I won something... $25 gift card for a pair of running shoes at Greater Boston Running Company. I will definitely have to check this out. I want to get fitted for a pair of new running shoes once I have maxed out the ones I have now.

Of course it was the St. Pattys day weekend so their was a bar crawl after for all the runners. Yum Yuengling.


Decided to climb the snow bank to get to the beach after...Ya!! Soon enough we will be back here in our bathingsuits.. soon enough!

This week I really hope to get a few shorter runs outside then 11 Miles on Saturday. I can't believe how close this race is! I am getting more excited than nervous though. After running 10 and feeling good and running the 10K this weekend I am confident I can finish.  My goal is to finish under 2 hours but I would like to get under 1:55. Not sure of that's possible... But always can try! 


  1. Way to go Sara!! Congratulations on such a great race!! :-) I think I might have to pace with you at the Tufts 10K ;-)

    1. Thanks!! That would be so much fun. I seriously can not wait for that race. :)

  2. Nice job!! It's always so exciting to take an age group place. I love small races for that very reason :)

    1. Thanks!! It was a really small race so that's why and my age group was 25-29. It will probably never happen again but I will take it! :)