Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 17- Week Recap

Sunday: Swim for 1.6 Miles. Ah. Its so hard to get myself in the pool, but once I am in, I remember how much I love it. Seriously, Such a great workout that leaves you just feeling awesome later. 

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: 3.1 Mile run on the treadmill. 

Duration: 34:28
Calories Burned: 266
Distance: 3.51 miles
Distance Climbed: 169
Average Pace: 9:48

Wednesday. 5 Mile run on the treadmill. 

Duration: 45:16 
Calories Burned: 401 
Distance: 5:02 
Distance Climbed: 265 Feet 
Average Pace: 9:00 (did not do the cool down after!)

Thursday: Body Sculpting class + 3.71 mile hill run (outside! WOOT!)

Distance: 3.71
Duration: 32.42
Pace Per Mile: 8:52
Calories Burned: 345
Elevation Gain: 147 Feet.

Mile 1:  8:38 
Mile 2:  8:35 
Mile 3:  8:59 
Mile 4:  8:45

I been running a lot of hills in preparation for this race. I joined the running group again for a run around a college campus hills. It really is such a good workout! I wont be able to do this week because I am going to he Bruins game, but I look forward to doing it in the future.  Jon and I had Friday off so after my run I had the best type of beer, post run beer.

Friday: off

Saturday: Long run: 11 Miles on Comm Ave.

Comm Ave as become Kensie and I new running stop. Its just so fun. Its challenging, a lot of runners, ect.  Anyway. This run was not one of my finest. Turns out ordering Crab Rangoons at 11:30 at night and trying to run at 8:00 the next morning is not a good mix... live and learn haha... (yes I know that's obvious).

Distance: 11.20 Miles
Time: 1:41:53
Avg Pace: 9:06 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 495 Feet I think its a 140 feet climb if I understand all this stuff correctly.
Calories Burned 9:23

Mile 1: 9:13
Mile 2: 8:23
Mile 3: 10:10
Mile 4: 9:00
Mile 5: 8:58
Mile 6: 9:48
Mile 7: 9:26
Mile 8: 8:42
Mile 9: 8:39
Mile 10: 8:56
Mile 11: 8:56
Mile 12 (.20 miles): 8:56

I started off feeling good, then I felt my stomach hated me and told me with cramps, then I got rid of said cramps. I didn't feel great during this run at all. BUT at the end I was glad I could push through regardless finish strong with all under 9 minute miles. My number one goal for the half marathon is to have all my mile under 9:00 expect maybe the first one.

Last long run this weekend! 12 miles!!

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