Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 24 Recap

This week I missed a lot of workouts (3) blah.

Sunday: Off (Missed going for a swim)

Monday: Missed yoga due to signing a new lease on an apartment. I tried I really did! BUT its all for exciting things to come.. so it was totally worth it! 

Tuesday: Treadmill run

Duration: 34.36
Calories: 269
Distance: 3.50
Distance Climbed: 169 Feet
Average Pace: 9:52

Wednesday: Treadmill Run

Duration: 51:06
Calories: 429
Distance: 5.41
Distance Climbed: 354 feet
Average Pace: 9:29

Thursday: Body Sculpt Class

Thursdays are normally my “workout twice day” followed by my rest day on Friday. Last Thursday Jon and I went to the Bruins game so I missed my run. I contemplated doing one of my missed days on Friday, which is normally my rest day, and I said eh screw it and went shopping.

 Ya... go Bruins! 

Then Friday I really did do some damage. I actually tried lulu stuff on for the first time. That was a bad idea... although the sports bra and tank I got there were really nice.. its just a little ridiculous what it costs!

Saturday: 12.66 mile run.
Secret to being a runner? Just never play with your Garmin buttons. I by accidently turned my automatic lap off so I didn’t get a mile by mile pace.  Also didn’t record the highest elevation but I was probably around the same as before. I am guessing the Newton Hills were the highest climbed. BUT regardless it was an awesome run.  My friend Kensie and I ran from Riverside station in Newton to the Finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston….

Distance: 12.66 mi
Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes.
Average Pace: 8:55 minute/mile
Calories Burned: 1,071

I love looking at our run on map... I used to think that was impossible. :)

Few pictures from the run...


We ran around the Boston Common a few times to get to 12...

Then we were close to the finish line and I was like lets just run it...  then I ran past the finish line so ended up running .66 more than planned. So this picture was taken long after our run after lunch.

After our lunch we had lunch on Bolyston Street while watching the Bruins game. I enjoyed at 26.2 which is Sam Adams Marathon beer. It was really good... tasted a lot like Summer Ale, Which is out now by the way? Normally I am like... way to early for that. BUT after this winter, bring the summer ale on.

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