Monday, April 7, 2014

Half Marathon Training Conclusion

Last week’s runs were the taper down for the half Marathon I ran on Sunday.  Short and sweet, and I got them all done outside, which was nice! I think treadmill season is officially over. I will probably be doing a lot of runs after work, which is not ideal for me, but its so much better than going on the treadmill!

Sunday: Swim for 1.94 miles.  

I totally would have done 2 mile swim if I knew how close I was. 

Monday: Yoga!

Tuesday: 4 mile run outside.  
41 Degrees for this run!! Its getting so warm out!

Distance:  4.18 mi
Time: 34:25
Avg Pace: 8:14 min/mi
Calories: 350 C

Mile 1: 8:27
Mile 2: 8:13
Mile 3: 8:25
Mile 4: 7:48
Mile 5 (.18 mile) 8:28

This was my first time running with a group on Tuesday night.  The trail that they run is so pretty… I really enjoyed it. I am also moving like right next to it in May so its definitely going to be my go too. I am excited to live some place where I will enjoy my running routes outside my door. Right now there are some pretty views, but nothing compared to what it’s like to run around the Charles!  The final mile here was fast. I was keeping pace with someone I was running with and the last mile I was like “wow this is rough!!” My long sleeves were covering most of my watch and I saw “.48” I assumed there was an 8 on the other side of that… nope a 7. Its awesome what you discover you can do when you run with other people who push you beyond your comfort zone!

Few Pictures from the run... blurry action shot! 

I thought this was the coolest bridge!! Just in the middle of the walkway! 

Wednesday: 3 Mile Run outside.  57 Degrees! I even wore a tank top running!

Distance:             3.23 mi
Time:                    28:39
Avg Pace:            8:53 min/mi
Elevation Gain:  86 ft
Calories:              269 C

Mile 1                   8:14
Mile 2                   8:44
Mile 3                   9:28
Mile 4 (.23)        9:50

Ah. This run. I need to not eat chips and 5 layer dip right before a run.   Which is obvious, but I still don’t practice what I know very well.  This chart is my timing chart, as you can tell at the end I had to stop like multiple of times because of a side stich. Lesson learned, don’t forget to eat your granola bar at work, so you won’t be starving when you get home, and then eat and go out for a run.

Thought this view was really pretty! The one view I will miss when we move. 

Thursday: 2.24 Mile Run Outside: Hills

Distance:             2.24 mi
Time:                    19:38
Avg Pace:            8:46 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 156 ft
Calories:              185 C

Mile 1                                   8:55
Mile 2                                   8:40

Mile 3   (.24 Miles)          8:31

Friday: Rest 

Saturday: Rest 

Sunday: Half Marathon!! Which Ill post about later. :)

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