Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fools Duel Half Marathon

First Half Marathon has been completed!!

Now that training is over I kind of feel like… umm now what? Kensie and I have a 10 miler planned for this weekend to keep the millage up, but its kind of sad to be not training! I guess on to the next one. J

Anyway Jon and went to Gloucester on Friday night for the entire weekend… Saturday morning we woke up, got some breakfast, and went to the beach. Gloucester is seriously so beautiful. I need to come back to this beach during the summer. 

I LOVE this photo... 

It was probably about oh... 40 Degrees out? There was a surfer... I couldn't believe he was out there!

I was trying to get a picture of us with the beach in the background... didn't really work out. BUT I thought this picture was cute. Got to love instagram and how it can make your skin look so clear :)

Anyway we watch the Bruins at Stones  after the beach. I just want to say I loved this place. One thing that is surprisingly difficult about Metrowest Boston is finding a place that will play the sound of Bruins games. Most places around here have Triva, Music, ect... which makes sense, there are a lot of 20 & 30 something year old's living in my area, but it really does suck sometimes. We enter this bar... Bruins sound is blasting. The bar tender was personal and hilarious, wings where good and every-time the Bruins scored they would dig this giant bell. Good Place. I told my boyfriend I wanted to come during one of the Bruins playoff games ha-ha.  We actually ended up going back for a drink after dinner with the group that was with us.. 

Got to carb load right?

Anyway... Now to the Race....

The course was I would say pretty difficult...  It was extremely hilly... I remember once running up a hill, getting to the top, seeing the down hill, then the GIANT hill I had to climbed back up... its like really?? Kensie and I also ran Comm Ave (The Newton Hills) for our training, which helped a lot. If you have googled "Fools Duel Half Marathon" and reading this, run hills to train!! I couldn't tell you the amount of times I told myself during this half "I am so glad I trained on Comm Ave".  

However with that being said it was also one of the most prettiest runs I have ever been on. This course is beautiful, so if that gets you motivated, as it does me, one would be okay!. At one point when you are coming back you view is the ocean... just dark blue ocean water you can seen for miles and miles. I wanted to grab a picture but I was really focused on well.. running. 

Results:  From Racewire... 

Results from the Watch.... 

Distance:              13.00
Time:                   1:51:49
Avg Pace:             8:34 min/mi
Elevation Gain:    610 ft 
Calories:                1,074 C

On Elevation Gain: Again...that is a lot of freaking hills! SO I did some research on what that means, and its total amount of distance climbed. SO If you traveled up 5 hills  and back that were 100 feet long, you would have traveled 1,000 feet. People reading this are probably like duh... Sara. So yes, I am just figuring this out! ha-ha  Anyway. Yeah. That was a lot of hills!

The Elevation Map from my Garmin... 

Garmin Splits... 

Mile 1:                  8:32
Mile 2:                  8:01
Mile 3:                  8:17
Mile 4:                  8:24
Mile 5:                  8:43
Mile 6:                  8:27
Mile 7:                  8:31
Mile 8:                  8:41
Mile 9:                  8:42
Mile 10:                8:59
Mile 11:                8:43
Mile 12:                8:50
Mile 13:                8:58

As you can tell I started off way to fast. Mile 1 I was  like "Okay pace yourself" and still ran it faster then I wanted too. Then Mile 2 happened, and I was like "Slow down Sara... Slow Down".  I started to slow down a little come by Mile 3 and then by Mile 4 I was running the pace I wanted to run at.  This is one thing I want to work on this summer is being able to pace myself. I always start off way to fast, and I want to work on storing some of that energy for the end! 

The course was hard so I had to talk my self that I could do it the whole time.  "OMG and I said one day I would like to run a Marathon... screw that I am never running a Marathon... this is HARD".  Was actually a conversation I had with myself. Then I just kept telling myself to get to mile 10, then I would be almost there. I kept remember how easy a 5K felt after all the training, and told myself that's all you had left. I think part of it was nerves. I was so nervous the entire time I may have been running to fast, and I just kept focusing on that. I am thinking next race I am going to be able to run it a bit more relaxed. 

2 hours after the race, I decided a Marathon was still in my long term goals. It really wasn't that bad was it? ha-ha

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