Thursday, April 24, 2014

Watertown Strong 5K

So I will spare writing about every run I went on last week, because this week there were so many beautiful races out there (including obviously the Boston Marathon!!!!) . I am telling you if you are a runner in the area, you probably ran a race this weekend. This past weekend I ran the Watertown Strong 5k. It was an awesome event. It was good to see the community out and celebrating. It marked the one year anniversary of when Watertown and the surrounding was locked down because they where trying to find the brother responsible for what happened in Boston. What a better way to celebrate our freedom of all being outside for a race? Weather people were running it or cheering us on, it was just a great way of all coming together and being outside! :) They day was so beautiful too!

If you can see him in the crowd here... the Governor of Massachusetts was there and gave a speech... There were many guests, including the Governor, The Chief of Watertown Police, Jeff Bauman, and a Watertown High Schooler who sang of a very special songs she wrote... just an awesome event! NESN was even there and you can watch the video they did on it here. Jon is actually in it if you look closely!

Some pictures before the race... 

I love this photo... The Watertown Police men who ran all finished together... 

Lets go Jon!!!

My  Results.. 

According to my watch. 
Mile 1: 7:23 Min/Mile  
Mile 2: 7:58 Min/Mile
Mile 3: 8:00 Min/Mile 

Needless to say I got out way to fast and I need to learn to chill out my first mile. My goal for this race was to get all under 8 minute miles... I think I could have done it if I didn't use all my energy in the firs mile. You live and learn! 


  1. Love your blog and how you are in Boston too! The Watertown 5K looked like a lot of fun.. I also tend to go out wayyy too fast (even during longer distance races, oops!) Look forward to reading about your training adventures!

    1. Aww thanks! I am excited to follow your blog too, glad I found it!! :)