Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekly Update- Feb 3 2014.

Okay. So I think these boring posts I am just going to include a boring title. Just my mid weekly workout/plan for the rest of the week... I am trying to think of what more I can write about. I really do enjoy having a place to write and blogging. So I want to keep it up. BUT I am just trying to figure out an angle. :)


Monday: Yoga Fit.

Tuesday: Treadmill Run for 3.1 miles. (The extra miles on my workouts are the warm-up and cool down)

Wednesday workout: Shoveling- and I am not even kidding. My workout route was thrown for a loop this week because we had a snow storm yesterday. I should be doing a 4 mile run. I was totally on board with get one done before work! (I worked from home). Around 7am I was driving to the gym and I was like... this is so not worth it so I turned around. I said I would go for a run once the roads were clear in the evening... That did not happen. My body was DEAD and today I am in pain. So I chalked up shoveling to my strength training.

Thursday:  4 mile run on the treadmill.

So there it is! I am hoping soon that I will be able to be sharing out door run pictures and not crappy treadmill pictures.

Also I am going to be brainstorming ideas of where I want to take this little thing...


  1. shoveling is an amazing workout. i never sleep through the night, but last week after shoveling a ton of heavy snow, i actually did. it was amazing!!

    1. Seriously right?! My body was done for the day!