Monday, February 24, 2014

City Views

This weekend I knew what I had to do. 8 Miles. My training has now caught up to me and I am on schedule instead of ahead of schedule, so there is no more bailing out now. Hopefully no more cold/sinus headaches/ and fevers are in my future.  This past weekend I had a sinus headache on one side of my head. It was right above the eye behind the eyebrow. It went away Sunday after I took some Ibuprofen and has only came make to a very slight sinus headache. Figures crossed it does not turn into what it was cause that was unpleasant.

This weekend was fun. Our typical Friday night consisted of us going to happy hour after work and then both asleep on the couch by 10:00.  On Saturday Jon and I were dog sitting so took him for a little hike up Prospect Hill Park. Which is a great little hike/running area.

There was some of the hill that was plowed because its pavement, but the majority of the park sill had a lot of snow so we couldn't see the side in which Boston was on, but still a lot of fun. Saturday night we went out in town and met up with an old friend to watch the Duke vs Cuse game. Well lets just say it was not a good week to be a Cuse fan. They lost to both BC which was a huge upset and then lost to Duke again this weekend. Womp Womp.

Then Sunday morning came, 8 miles. Ug. I hadn't taken the Ibprofen at this point, which if I knew it would have worked as well as it had I would have. You live and you learn I guess. You know those runs where start out on mile one, you look down at your watch expecting to round mile 2 and you are at like .30 miles. That's how this run started for me. Every time my feet hit the pavement my head just was pounding along with my pace.  I was wondering how I was going to finish. Then around miles 2-5 I felt as though I could run my half that day. Although with views like this... its hard not to be motivated.

The around mile 6-7.5 I had the worst running stitch. Ug. Those are the worst. I was trying really hard to ignore it but it just wasn't happening. I was pissed because up to the point my pace for running the 8 miles was 9:15 which would get me right around 2 hours for a Half Marathon, which is my goal. I ended up with a pace of 9.39, which is just over my goal by 3 minutes or so.

Mile 1: 8:59 min/mile 
Mile 2: 10:04 min/mile *oh hi ice, snow and slush
Mile 3: 9:42 min/ mile 
Mile 4: 8:44 min/mile 
Mile 5: 8:52 min/ mile 
Mile 6: 9:07 min/ mile 
Mile 7: 11:05 min/mile *oh hi ice, snow and slush, and running stitches.
Mile 8: 10:38 min/mile 

Over all I was happy with that run though even though my pace was all over the place. Who runs a 8:44 mile then a 11:05 mile? BUT it felt good to get back out there after taking a weekend off from my longer runs.  Training is really starting to ramp up now, I am getting pretty pumped about doing this half!  I just wish it would start feeling like spring!! How awesome is it going to be when these pictures are no longer of the Charles River frozen over? Warm thoughts, which are going to be needed because the polar vortex is back.

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