Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boston Run to Remember

Ah.. I been slacking on race updates ect. I guess that's what happens when the summer hits! I have been really enjoying Jon and I's new place, getting settled in, and having some awesome running routes. I have definitely scaled back on some of my longer runs now that my second half marathon is over.  After doing my second half marathon I have kind of become addicted to that length of race, but I won't do anymore until fall!

During the race the Garmin watches were like "oh hey... I am 100% not going to turn on". I also decided that this race without wearing headphones. So during the entire race it was just me, and the road, and everyone around me.

I must say, racing like this was a lot more enjoyable. I started of the race next to these two guys, where were cracking jokes for the first couple of miles. And I was actually just enjoying the race talking with them. If I had my headphones in this would not have happened.

I eventually lost them (one was running the 5 miler...). The rest of the race was going well. There were a few spots were I thought to myself "damn Sara why do you like doing these races..." but the route was just amazing. The killer in some of the Boston races is over Memorial Bridge. It is just so so so so long. Especially at the end because you know once you get over the bridge you are in the final legs of finishing a half marathon.

As I was coming close to the bridge, a guy came up to me an goes "This sucks". It was around mile 9 and this is when I always feel like death.  I was like "I know but once we get over that bridge..." and he was like "I know final stretch" then ran off ahead of me. (I guess I gave him some motivation ha-ha)

As I was going over the bridge my thoughts were bad "This is going to the race where I get sick". The two half marathons I have done I definitely have felt nauseous during the race. I have to learn to start fueling during the race. I had fuel on me, but the thought of it was just like "hell no". I started to walk a bit and this girl comes up behind me "oh no do not start walking now... lets go common!" and we ran together for a short bit.  I think I remember her telling me it was her first half marathon. She got me going for awhile but my stomach was just not having it. Eventually I told myself just to suck it up and keep on going...

The last leg of the race is a mind game. You see the finish line, it looks close, but yet its so far away!  I actually speed up at the end of the race. I am kind of proud of myself for that!  I would have loved to see what I ran the last mile in.  Oh well.

The results: 1:50:51 with a 8:28 min/mile pace. Better than my first half marathon by seconds but I will take it! I am looking to get my fall half marathon down to under a 1:50. 

Anyway here are some pictures....

The bibs and the medals where awesome... 

Ya finish line!

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  1. Not sure if this will get to you, if you're the Sara Flynn who lost her MA driver's license and debit card in Philadelphia, I found them and want to return them! You can reach me on twitter @SethSTannenbaum