Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Good-Bye Fall Views

Okay here's to keeping track of everything better!

I have been really bad at going for long runs on Sundays, so last Sunday I was committed to getting one done. It went so-so but at least its a start in the right direction again!

Its starting to look so sad outside! Good bye pretty views... good bye...

All the leaves are now on the ground. 

I ended up getting 4.01 miles in! I don't have my watch with me right now so I am not sure the splits...but it felt good to change up my run from just running a 5k.  I need to keep up with my distance running because I want to run a half marathon in the spring! I get nervous just thinking about it but if I train right, and keep at it, I definitely think its do able!! There are so many races I already know I want to run when next year :) I need to sit down and write out my goals and schedule of training. 

I started really working out in February and I have come a long way! Its funny when I started running I loved the treadmill and dreaded running out side... and now its the complete opposite. BUT its pretty hard to get your but out the door when its dark and cold.... and I need to purchase some cold weather and reflective gear if I  am  going to do that! 

BUT this morning I got a really good treadmill workout in. I am a little excited get off my normal routine and start trying new things which I will talk more about on another time. 

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