Friday, June 21, 2013

Back at it...

So my workout routine got a little messed up for a couple of weeks but I am back at it!

Here is what I have been tracking...

Here is the copy of the "plan" I am on again...

I been running pretty slow but Yesterday I had one of my best runs yet! Although the problem is that I am not sure with my runs outside that the pace is completely accurate. 

First problem is that my Jawbone bracelet broke AGAIN and I need them to send me a new one. (I am calling today) But the second problem is that sometimes with the fitness apps such as "Map my Run" and "Run Keeper" the satellite is off (the run yesterday said my path was in the Charles River... I certainly did not run in the Charles River!) . According to the "Map my Run" I ran 3.34 miles in 38 minutes, which got me 11.17 pace per mile.  I looked at a map and saw its 1.19 miles loops and I looped it 3 times, completing a 3.57 mile run. Which would make my average pace 10:38. I also only recorded my actual run and not my cool down or warm up. SO I think it it were 10.38 pace that is why its such a difference.... I just wish I new the truth! What do you use to calculate your runs!? Do you calculate your warm up and cool down in your run pace?

Anyway... Yesterday was an amazing run anyways. My favorite place to run is around the Charles. I think running around water is so peaceful and such a motivator! 

Anyway on my 3rd time a round I look a few pictures... HOW pretty are these?


Action Shot... 

 Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like you've been busy :) Love your running photos...Boston is such an awesome place to run! And love the pink sneakers!

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Yeah, I been trying! Thanks Annie... it seriously is. I love running around there Charles... well that is once it cools down a bit!

  2. I first read, "My jawbone broke again and I'm waiting for them to send me a new one" and I was so confused until I re-read it and saw the word 'bracelet' :D Looks like you have a great workout schedule you follow!

    1. HA-HA That would be kind of painful! ;) Its been good!