Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yoga and "Frozen Yogurt"

I have been a slacker on tracking my workouts on blog, but I have been a slacker in real life too! I will get to it eventually...

I been really tied up lately with stuff, so I put my 2 weeks at the Gap, Saturday is my last day at least for the summer.  BUT I already can tell I could get way to use to this one job gig. Monday nights are normally Gap night (or lately Bruins playoff game night) and last night I had no Gap and no Bruins game to watch so I took a Yoga class at my Gym like I have been meaning to do on Monday nights for forever now. It was great...expect in my Gym the Yoga/Fitness studio is next to the hallway (with window walls) that goes to the Basketball Courts... My gym has a bunch of leagues that play at night I was doing Yoga moves with all these men walking by I kept trying not to laugh at myself. Especially because I know one guy who plays on the league pretty well and if he saw me he would definitely have made it awkward/made me laugh. Ha-ha so I really wasn't in the "zen" of yoga but I am not really into that part anyway. I like the stretching of the muscles and trying to improve my strength and flexibility through it. Other then that distraction the class was pretty good! It was called "gentle yoga" and I could have used a bit more of a challenge, but taking the class to gets started is good. The other classes I could take would be Kundalini Yoga which definitely would not be my thing or Hot Power Yoga on Sundays which I could see myself liking, I just need to get good at this Gentle Yoga first... What are your thoughts on Yoga...?

Anyway after Yoga I wanted a little treat.... I was recently inspired by trip to legacy place Jon and I went  on one evening. He was nice enough to come along with me for some errands which he hates so I said I would treat him to ice cream (yes he is a little kid at times). I heard good things about J.P Licks so we went there.... OMG IT WAS SO GOOD! 

That right bottom picture right there was my inspiration... (Note: I won a 5 dollar gift-card from JP licks for posting this picture on instagram, how cool is that!?)  I got cookies and cream frozen yogurt. What I did is took a Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt and blended it in a blender with 3 Oreo cookies. I then froze  it over night (it really only needs a few hours) and then let it sit for about 30 minutes before eating it. I could still taste the Greek Yogurt so sprinkled one more cookie on top. I think want to try it with just plain yogurt and see how it comes out.

Nutrition Facts from My Fitness Pal....

Have you ever  tried to make homemade Frozen Yogurt? 

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