Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Long Weekends...

Wow this weekend was amazing, despite the horrible weather Friday, Saturday and somewhat Sunday.  The weekend started off for me on Friday- which was good. I went to my favorite place Legacy Place.  This is my favorite thing to do on day off alone... The shops there are amazing and have all my favorite stores. Urban Outfitters, H&M, Loft, Gap, Roster, Anthropologie, BR... and the list goes on and on and on... my main goal was to actually shop at H&M! I feel like people always find the cutest stuff there BUT I never do, but I feel like its always my last stop and I feel burned out/spent all my $$. So this time it was the first store I went into and snagged a few cute dresses for this weekend...

The back to this is super cute but I was wearing the wrong bra so I will spare you that... 

I purchased this dress as well... I was unsure about it but for an entire 9.95 decided it was worth it! ;)

Also purchased some much needed Jewelry... I love how these bracelets look with my Jawbone up band... 

Saturday was really crappy out... so Jon and I went to the Gym to work out! 

Workout Log: 

I have started to set my runs by distance and not buy time! I feel like I am always adjusting the time anyway to get to the distance I want... Its been working out really well for me. 

Then I went to Trader Joe's...for food for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was unfortunately a perfect day for Rain-boots, but I bought some flowers to match my rain boots to brighten up the weekend!

The weather continued to be shitty so this happened... 

DON'T WORRY! Ha-ha this may have been one of the funniest parts of my long weekend. I have an George Forman inside/outside Grill. So its just like a regular George Forman but it can be used outside and looks like a Grill! My friend Theresa posted this picture... 

We had people going so bad... they really thought we were grilling inside. Partly because you can not see the plug. We definitely had best friend giggles! :) Oh yeah.. 

and Saturday the Bruins Won! EASTERN FINALS HERE WE COME! I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. The Penguins are a really good team... but in Hockey you never know... and yes after the Bruins won that Game 7 I am still wearing my Boston Strong shirt under my Bruins Jersey... and yes... neither have been washed... but its only crazy if it doesn't work right?

Sunday was an awesome day as well...

Workout Log
Sunday I ran again...  
Distance:  3.27 Miles
Duration: 39.34 minute
Average Pace: 12:06 minutes per mile.

Split Pace: 
Mile 1: 12.29 *including warm up
Mile 2: 11:33 
Mile 3: 11:21
Mile 4: 15.31 *including cool down. 

After running and before some cookout festivities at my Friends Ann's I went to target to pick up some stuff .... I have been slowly collecting so we have a little place to chill outside (and grill outside ;))

On my way home....

Then we had some cookout fun... Adrian could only stop by for about and hour and half... and lets just say did some damage to this wine bottle... :)

Then Monday was awesome as well. Woah! So many awesome days in a row!

Workout Log: 
We Ran/Walked in the morning... Seriously these numbers are almost embarrassing! I blame them on Jon because he came with me during this run... but in all reality my legs were just NOT with me on Monday!

Distance: 3.30
Duration: 47:07
Pace Per Mile: 14:15
Calories: 251

Mile 1: 13.48 *including warm up
Mile 2: 14:01
Mile 3: 14:03
Mile 4: 17:11

Then after some errands and lunch out... we BBQ for dinner and hung out at our new outside hang out. I got sun burned!

How was your memorial day weekend?

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  1. i love that you grill inside...perfect! and your dresses are all so cute. AND you look AMAZING!!