Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kayaking on the Charles

Hope your weekend treated you well. This weekend was amazing, expect some epic fails.which I will get to in a bit...first I want to share my Kayaking experience at Charles River Kayaking and Canoe. 

Jon and I had a very active weekend, which was so much fun! We rented a double Kayak for 1 hour and Kayaked around the Charles River in Newton on Saturday. I was expecting for my arms to be really really sore today, but I actually feel fine...

Here are some pictures from our little adventure...

So as you can see Saturday was such a nice night here in Boston MA and I was so excited to get home grill some pizza and sit outside and eat! So I had two tasks to do this.

1. Buy a table for outside
2. Buy a Grill.

Friday on my way home from work I bought the "table" from the local hardware store in the town in which I work. Saturday I went to go put to it together and the hardware store gave me the wrong box... I got a bunch of flower beds instead. Fail.

So I was like- okay...at least we have the grill. We bought an outside/indoor George Forman grill which, yes its a faux grill, but its "perfect for apartments/condos". Our houses are so close together & we currently rent so I figured it was a good purchase for us right now. Welp turns out we bought the wrong one and we just bought a regular  George Forman Grill. Fail again... we sill had a good time though. We had some BBQ Butternut Squash Pizza from HTP (I used Trader Joes Whole Wheat Pizza Dough), Corn on the Cob, and I had some Sweet Potato Fries! It was a very filling dinner!

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