Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Fitness Plan

12 Weeks to 13.1 Mile Race.... Yikes!

I work best when I have a set schedule in front of me. I am someone who likes order and processes better then not. When I first started working out I wanted a fitness plan but really wasnt sure to what. After the Boston Marathon Bombings it motivated me to run and find a fitness schedule based around that...

So I picked a half Marathon. I am not sure if I am actually going to do it yet but its a plan, and then we will see how I do following it.  Its from Hal Higdon training program and I felt it was the best one for me. I love that it had Fridays rest because that's normally when I do rest! I am going to try to complete the Novice 1 program.

I am about a week and half in and I am doing okay.  I pretty much picked the worst time to do this because of Bruins playoffs & working a part time job...

In reality I am only going to miss one "run" this week and that is Wednesday  Monday's are suppose to be a rest day from running, I want to start Yoga on Monday mornings before work and if I don't have to Gap in Mondays then Yoga at my Gym.  Saturday Cross fit is for swimming. I am really excited about trying to complete this to the best of my ability!

Tuesdays run went okay... We ran 3.1 miles. The runs around my apartment are always a lot worse. I also live on a hill, which makes life difficult when it comes to running and snow storms.

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